Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Email, Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear family and friends!
How are y'all doing?!
I am doing great! Just loving being me :)
I am progressing in Spanish, slowly but surely, I use learning Spanish
as an excuses to start conversations with people on Facebook, then in
talk about the gospel! Haha who knows maybe a Skype lesson will come
out of this!

Well time to talk about the week! Btw it is week 6 already of transfer
5!!!!!!! Time is going by super quick! This is General Conference
week! Yayyyyy! So when we did any kind of proselyting it was an invite
to hear the prophets voice! Loads of mixed reactions, mainly good
though, flushing is still awesome tho, I believe I have one more
transfer here than I will be gone, but then again, both Elder Kaufman
and I have the chance to leave this one, this is probably one of the
best zones in the mission, cause we all meet in the same ward

Well that is all that I can think of, I love y'all so much and miss y'all!

Your missionary!
Elder Daniel Buffington