Monday, July 20, 2015

Email, Monday, July 20, 2015

"the one letter to rule them all"

well this is it.  in the past twenty four months, i made the decision to leave home to learn a new language, to learn a new culture, make friends, serve the people as well as to serve the lord.  and the result of this decision is apparent.  i have become a better person all around. i am not the same person i once was.  i'm the same but at the same time, i am different.  my heart is apart of NY and i am now being taken away from home to go home.  words cannot describe my feelings for this beautiful city.  the best way to describe it is by quoting the the mission slogan i am forever changed.  i know that the gospel is true.  i have seen it change the lives of people around me.  myself included.  i also have come to a knowledge that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the fullness of this gospel, founded by our loving Heavenly Father,  and that it was restored after centuries of being lost, by a young boy named Joseph Smith.  i also have a firm testimony that the Gospel is true, not the members, don't judge the church nor the validity of it off of the people, because you know just as well as i know that people are not perfect. i also have a deep testimony of the importance of the family, with out a doubt it is under attack, please hold true to your families, follow the counsel of the prophets found in the proclamation to the world, the family.  my testimony has grown so much. know that i love each and every one of you! i am Elder Buffington, son of Thomas Buffington and i end my epistle to my family and friends

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Email, Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the final week has sadly come,

hey mom could you send this email to everyone, im not on my ipad anymore.  

hey yall! well this is it, back to the good 'ol computer keyboard and mouse! i posted my final set of pictures on the family shared iCloud account that i set up a few months ago, but so what happened this past week was that Monday, we had interviews from president Reynolds (the new MP) super short, Tuesday was my departing temple trip, and departing interview, really long... we didn't get home till 10 pm, supppper long day.  but ooooh so good.  today we have two dinner appointments to attend to, tomorrow we have to clean the apartment, because it will be closed for a short time.  friday we have a zone training meeting, saturday we have a ward mens BBQ sunday church,monday i will be heading to Rego Park because it is the birthday of Olga! and all the youth will be there to say goodbye to! and that will be it! now to travel back in time! the temple trip was absolutely amazing, the feelings and impressions i received was so amazing and non forgettable.  we can truly receive power from on high when we serve in the temple, which is why i want to place the goal of going to the house of the lord at the very least once a month.  i honestly cannot remember specifics from last week, but i do know that i have been a instrument in the hands of the lord! 

the church is true! 
i wont fall away.  i owe my life to the gospel,  
the mission has blessed me so so much!

i love each one of you, 

see you next week

Elder Daniel Buffington

Monday, July 6, 2015

Email, Monday, July 6, 2015

we had a awesome weekend! well, ThursdaySaturday, and Sunday were the only big event days so ill tell you about them!
Thursday we had the mission wide conference! where we met our new mission president, the joke president and sister Calderwood made was that the mission was downsizing... in more than one way, (president president Calderwood is a stalky person, and sister Calderwood is a heavyset lady, now president and sister Reynolds are about a foot shorter sister Reynolds is dainty and President Reynolds has the construction worker belly, but both are small) but they were made for this mission, president Reynolds owns a business in Utah its a construction, excavation and demolition business.  Sister Reynolds told us that she loves to cook! yummmmmmmmmmm we might have cinnamon rolls :D i haven't had a cinnamon roll sense the days of pre mission.  

Saturday, well 4th of July! we wanted a BBQ so we were in charge of buns and drinks, while we were at the store we saw Vidal! we talked with him and he has a new phone, so we invited him to church Sunday and to english class! he couldn't come because he thought it was a late night class. we taught english class and after a student came up asking about the book of mormon, so we gave him one and set up a appointment for Sunday! super cool night but it only gets better!

Sunday Vidal came to church for the first time, then he stayed for the baptism! (it was a 8-year old that my companion and i taught once)  so he walked up to watch the ordinance and after the boy was baptized he turned with this smile that confirmed the feelings of my companion and i, so after that we had a lesson with Vidal, it was amazing! and he gladly accepted to be baptized the 19th of this month! 2 weeks! yay!! then he prayed, it was sooooo pure he knows the church is true! then we had a lesson right after that lesson with Mario! where he also accepted the invitation of baptism on the 2nd of August! then we called a "permanent" investigator in Midwood and she told us that she is getting baptized this coming Sunday, and she asked me to baptize her! so i will be visiting Midwood this week.


i love yall! #2weeks!

elder Daniel buffington 
who has seen the Minnion movie? how is it?