Monday, November 17, 2014

Email, Monday, November 17, 2014

So i just finished my first week in my new area, Midwood Brooklyn, and
it has a different feel than queens, for one it is a lot cleaner, the
population is mainly Jewish, Russian, or Spanish, and it has been
filled with emotions and some stress.  So Monday i finished visiting
most of the families i loved, didnt get to see them all tho, queens
has a big chunk of my heart, and the majority of that piece is in
rego, Tuesday was transfer day, my new companion is elder Hellewell he
is alot like me, in some ways, but he is cool, was born in VA but
lives in UT, ummm oh! So yesterday we had a super funny story to tell,
so we are knocking this building, and we get to this door and we can
hear people talking, so we knock, wait, knock again, wait... When my
companion was about to turn away i knocked once more, finally we heard
footsteps coming to the door, the door cracked open and we was a
lady's face, her eyes got huge and she screamed and slammed the
door... O.O my companion took that as a no and was about to walk away
cause we heard the chain on the door, but she opened it again and
started talking to us, and so I apologized for startling her, then she
closed the door again! But she unchained the door and opened it up,
she was super jumpy and we told her who we were, she asked if we had
I.D.s so i showed her my ministerial certificate, and apologized again
cause it was in Portuguese, she looked at it for a while as we were
talking to her, but she let us in, apologizing for screaming, but she
was not used to having people over, she had a friend that was staying
with her so we were able to go in, they were high school friends that
kept in contact through college, super fun people, and they just asked
questions, and it was nice to have that working for us, they gave us
herbal tea cause they heard that mormons dont drink regular tea, haha
super fun, at the end she kept telling us how clam she felt that we
made her day a little better,

And we had stake conference at the Marriott center in Brooklyn, cause
the owner is LDS! So it was cool and Elder Perkins was there, of the
regular 70? I dont know, he works with the prophet and the 12 so its

All is well here :) i love yall so very much, im sorry for any wrong
doings i might have done, i pray that yall could forgive me of being a
Elder daniel buffingon

Okay hopefully yall can see the video we heard some loud music, so we
got up on the roof and checked it out, maybe a jewish holiday? Or a
party? Idk
Super interesting tho...
Well ttyl

Monday, November 10, 2014

Email, Monday, November 10, 2014

Yesterday and today are my days to say goodbye to everyone, I
defiantly have more friends here than anywhere else, this is my home,
but its time to move again and make new friends, this week we smashed
our goals out of the water! So in a sense i am leaving with a bang,
#cameinlikeawreckingball was our hashtag for the three transfers elder
trujillo and i were together! And now on to companion 8 :)
That has been the hight of the week, we have almost 4 people lined up
for baptism with dates, and 2 other progressing investigators that
will soon have baptism dates, and about three families that we are
supposed to have in the coming week, im leaving the area in good
hands, we fliped it around, and now im off to another area, :P

Oh! This past Tuesday we had the funeral for the mother of hermana
pepin, and we sung, amd elder trujillo played his clarinet, it went
nice and smoothly, but after a couple members asked for the number of
the martinez family, cause they were all old friends, then one called
brother martinez, and talked to him for a second, then handed me the
phone and told me to say hi, so i got to talk to brother and sister
martinez, haha they told me they were just with you all at the church,
i could hardly reconize sister Martinez's voice, it was weird, but it
was good, it started in english and ended in spanish, so it was fun

I love you all, i hope what i am hoping for comes true,:) which is to
go to brooklyn for 4transfers and return to rego to finnish, this is
the true promise land.
Please be safe and stay warm, dont catch ebola, and stay true to what
you know, you all are all loved dearly, and prayed for,
Your friend
Elder buffington
Okay so there will be a few emails today, with all my familys and
friends which have pieces of my heart.

Picture 1) sister Lujan, and her son Sammy, an awesome pruvian family!

Picture 2) Olgita! You can see the little red drink, its a fruit salad
drink she makes and sells, but ALWAYS gives us a cup, she has a
special place in my heart, where she has given us food and saved us,
more than once, she gave me a jersey of ecuador so i never forget her,
(probably my hardest goodbye which will be almost be tied to the pepin
family tonight) but its okay, she might be moving to brooklyn, to a
place i can possibly go, so i pray that happens so i can keep teaching

Picture 3) my first family i meet here in Rego, the family casteƱeda,
a columbian and dominican family, one son is missing at work, so only
one could be in the picture, the sons are less active, but we have
been working with them, so we will see how it goes,

Monday, November 3, 2014

Email, Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello there my beautiful family! How are you all doing?! I am doing well!  This last week was another struggle. We had cancelation left and right. But yesterday one of our investigators passed on, and is being taught on the other side, she was passing from cancer, she had a good 70 years, and her daughter and her family are all members, a little less active while the grandma was in and out of the hospital, dominicans are fighters, the grandma was given 24 hours, 3 weeks ago, she didn't let that get her, i have grown to love that family, even
tho half the time i cannot understand them haha dominican slang, its like going from England, to the deeeeeeeeep south hah

So yeah life as a missionary is a new story every day, im learning so much! And we are starting week 6!! We find out our fate this Saturdaywhether we are staying or leaving..

But hey look picturessss!

1) a unfiltered sunset of NY! Bam

2) costumes on halloween (At chipotle you can get a massive burrito for three dollars originally 8, if you wear a costume, so i was clark kent aka superman, and my companion was a newsie!) hahaha

3) a wholesome breakfast of crepes and nutela and bananas and whip cream, and chocolate syrup, i didn't add a scoop of ice cream