Monday, July 28, 2014

Email, Monday, July 28, 2014

Yesterday in corona/flushing medows park, (where the globe, and the towers (from MIB1) are) there was a huge noche de españa junta (night of unitied spanish) party thingy, and we caught he last 30 minuets of it and thank goodness it was sunday cause i might habe baught this hahaha

We went to a boda (wedding) for a mexican family, fun time, molé which is a dish of chicken and beef covered in
chocolete/peanutbutter/and spicy mixture... Intresting to say the lease haha but we got wine glasses which was sweet!

Pic three, last monday we went to a art gallery and this is from the roof, the next email will have more :)

We thought people were taking pictures of a hole in the ground, so we did the same... The weird thing was that there was a screen in it... And a recording of "hell" was on it... But it made a good inside joke haha :)

All of the gang before enbarking on our adventure, we went with Tati and Cisco some of the coolest members, i hope you get to meet them :)

Elder trujillo climed this huge brick wall about 1.5 feet! Hahaha

I wish i had a bull wip and a indiana jones hat... Hmmm thats alot of gold

I felt old, so i used the invention created for mom so she doesnt hurt herself anymore haha :) love you mom

Crossing the dangerous streets of new york where busses will miss you by a foot and it will be as if nothing happened :)

I love and miss you all! :) i can get almost any spanish thing here so
if you want me to look for it let me know!

This next week we have alot of people to teach so we shall see how that goes :)

Well that is all for this week!

Keep strong,
Remember that the church is true, and the book is blue!
Bibbidy bobbidy bo! I love you! XD

Elder D. Buffington

Monday, July 21, 2014

Email, Monday, July 21, 2014

Ola amigos fieles! 
This has been a crazy week! Well our friday night talent show was moved to tuesday, so we practiced a lot for that, Elder Trujillo is super good at the clarinet so we did good :) but the day after my voice was scratchy, then thursday it was hardly there, so i dont think it was me sining but yesterday i started coughing on top of it... sooo i stocked up on cough drops, yay! Cause i dont know how to stop it... And i cant figure out how i got it, or what it is.. Hmmm

But we have been doing alot of member visits! Cause a guy moved here from florida, right from the ward my companion is from! So they were best friends right off the bat.  But we took him and another youth to a members house so he could talk and get to know people.  

One thing about my mission, is i am learning to "pound" food!  Speaking of food... Picture time!

1) breakfast appointment at the home of the Morales family (minus Archie their dog) 
2) the food we ate, (pancakes, awesome amulets, beans, and churiso (that is how its written in spanish... Cause i cant get the red line thats telling me its not spelled correctly off)
3) at the park with Cisco waiting for people to show them where the church is :)

But i have been learning alot recently, about humility, and the atonement, and im learning that i really dont know much about either... The more i search, the more i learn.. And it is incredible! 
My spanish is increasing... I have been adopted into the columbian culture haha!  
Doing splendid, besides this annoying cough 
OH! I AM LEARNING A LITTLE SIGN LANGUAGE TOO! There is a sister in our district that her first language is ASL, and now she is speaking spanish :)  wayyyy fun!

Well i love you all! 
Thanks for all your support!
Elder Buffington

Monday, July 14, 2014

Email, Monday, July 14, 2014

Its that time of the week again! MONDAY!!! Alot has happened, so i
hope i have the patience to write it all down (and i had to ask my
companion to spell patience for me cause i couldn't remember how to
spell it...)

Okay well to start, i got a new companion, (transfer 8 companion 7,
not including MTC companion) so im praying that we stay together for a
while, his name is Elder Trujillo, he was born in Colombia, about 45
minuets away from Cali, then when he was 8 he moved to florida, so i
have a native companion! :) and im in the best area to learn spanish,
so it should skyrocket now! :) which i guess it has cause i talk to
members alot, plus i have a native companion which is helping me, so i
might also get a columbian accent! Yay! I would be okay with it!

Sadly enough the world cup is over... But its okay, every one is happy
here :) columbia had a chance but one of the refs were paid off, so he
was suspended, and brazil got what was coming to them, :) and our
heritage won the cup, so its all good here :)

We didnt have too many appointments work out this week but we set up
something like 6 dinner appointments in the next week, and we might be
getting 3 new investigators, my companion and i have done quite a bit,
we started the first district street sweep that has happened here in
more than 2'transfers, so we are on fire right now :)  and we have a
large district, 4 companionships!

So there was a fundraiser this friday and we were asked to do a skit,
but then yesterday, the lady told us that it was moved to this
tuesday! And every other companionship have appointments! So my
companion and i get to do three musical numbers, but it is okay, we
got two missionaries from the other area to help us :) so a little but
of crazyness is running around :P

I love each of you, and i think of yall often, and its weird to think
that im almost half way done... Its going too fast and i want it to
slow a little so i can learn more!

the symbol to the left is the baptism symbol in the steamed wall, yay for baptisms!

 i love NY!/ i baptize New York ;)

quote of the week :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Email, Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer 8, week one,
Well transfer meeting is tomorrow, and after the meeting, i will have my 7th companion and eighth transfer :P  but hey i have some questions to answer!
Question one, how is the mish going?
Answer one, amazing!  Incredible and nothing like i ever imagined! (Not because of location) new york is like serving the "Earth" mission, where i am, you can travel to india, then then the next street starts south america, in the mission their are many countries represented, and when i say that, i mean store signs, music playing on the street, the language everyone speaks, is all the the same in the areas, spanish, chinese, Arabic, russian, indian, other slavic languages, its crazy, but here is just spanish and arabic.  Its weird what the mission does to you, how it can show you the culture of other countries, other people, and the love you feel for them is just magnified, i can honestly say if there is just one thing i have learned on my mission, it is charity, to look down the street, bus, subway, and see someone you dont know, and imagine them in the temple, the happiness of their lives with the gospel, then the love for people you teach, i never thought this would be this amazing! Im learning more spanish here than flushing! I never knew what to expect from another language, but when i hear Chinese my ears almost.. Cringe (if that is possible) but with spanish it feels like home, like a natural language to me, then not hearing stuff in english, and not having to translate because its something i just know, like bautismo es solo bautismo, im not good at spanish but im to the point i understand most of it, i have come to the sad conclusion that i can translate in my head cause it takes to long, so i must think in spanish, so i am okay with that.
Question 2 what is the weirdest thing i have eaten?
Answer two.. This is a hard one that i need to think of, the first thing that comes to mind is a columbian hot dog, we didnt have the complete thing  but the adds on it are, mayo, ketchup, and strawberry jam :) super good! The full thing has bacon, cheese, pineapple, potato chips, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and jam :) sounds amazing hu? But i think that is the weirdest thing i have consumed, i have had pupusas, empanadas, we are going to have brazilian food at a members house that their son just came home from his mission from são palo, so we are buddies now XD  
So we had a sweet experience this week, i went on a half-day exchange with one of the zone leaders, and we were heading to the last appointment, hermana Aquino's bodega, and it started to storm super bad, and as soon as we got to the store, it POURED rain, with thunder and lightning, so no one came in, so we used this as a chance to share a good scripture, and commit to reading the libro de mormón.  And it was amazing, she is a non member, with a daughter on a mission, god was on our side that night, we could see she felt the spirit, 

So next time yall hear from me, i will have a new companion!
I love you all!
Keep in touch and send this to those that i dont have a address to :) 
Your missionary out in the field
Elder Daniel Buffington
A nice view of the skyline and queens, rego park! :) fourth of july! (The big tower to the left is freedom tower, and the other to the right is the empire state building!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Email & Pics, Monday, June 30, 2014

Okay so from the last letter, alot has happened, from what you can see
from picture one, i am making skinny hoffles! Hope i made you proud
mom, and i am not sure if it is noticeable, but i do have a haircut,
okay pictures two and three is what happens when columbia goes farther
in the world cup than ever before :) and im getting darker too!

So my spanish is drastically changing, and progressing, it was super
slow in flushing cause we only taught two, maybe three people in
spanish, but now i can understand so much more, im loving the area, i
think i will be here for a while :)

Well, hope to have more pictures soon! And other funny things that happens,
I love yall!
Se cuidan!