Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pictures, Monday, June 23, 2014

The flags, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and the D.R.

Beautiful view of the skyline of Manhattan with the sunset

Our temple trip, we are working with two of the boys that went, #FutureMissionaries

My country 
(So we choose countrys where we are claiming as our own, where we learn slang, phrases, customs, from, so i am from Bogotá Columbia (sebastian, the one i taught in flushing approves :) )  which has spanish people that are as white as me, so it is believable.)

 Albert and i, face timing about two feet from each other :)

I love yall!

-From Elder Buffington from the iPad-

Monday, June 16, 2014

Email, Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey family!
Long time right? Well not much going on, so i will tell yall a little
about the area, so i am in rego park, and a little ways north is where
we normally proselyte in a area called corona (kinda like the beer
company, oddly enough) and the ratio of spanish people to anyone else
is about the same ratio of the world to me :) it is crazy, especially
now during the world cup, every day people are out in there countries
jersey supporting, we did some service for a member here friday
evening, and she gave us free jerseys so i am supporting columbia,
which is my adopted country, the team won the first game, and there
next one is thursday, im sooo excited, and hope they win, them or
brazil! (Between us, i hope columbia is the victor) sebastian, the
recent convert in my old area officially called me a columbian, (that
is where his family comes from) so i am happy of that! But that is
really the only area im in, cause it is awesome and chucked full of
spanish people!

I am doing well and my spanish is picking up, it should be really good
by the time i leave this area.
Hope everyone is doing superb!
Well i love yall!

Elder Buffington

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Email, Thursday, June 12, 2014

Well this week I'm going to start by saying sorry for this coming
today and not monday.
We had a mission tour going on and our conference was on tuesday...
way cool, Elder Nelson from the quorum of the seventy (the
"exclamation point" guy the one i have a picture with on facebook)  i
found him a scripture he was looking for but couldn't locate it! So i
felt good :)  so we deep cleaned the church, was supposed to take
three hours, so we changed our p day to today :), and somehow three
hours shifted to all day! Yeah we didn't finish till 845, but at lease
it is supper clean, i cleaned the girls bathroom, took 5 hours...
Girls bathrooms are gross, the grout was black... Now white :) Ya
know... The mission makes the world really small... In my first area,
i met a very close friend with the martinez, in fact he was my ward
coordinator, uber cool! And now i am in the ward that Sister Martinez
was in, :) now im gonna ask people if they remember her! (And everyone
from utah lives near each other, but dosnt know anyone, even from the
same stake..) missions are amazing! I love mine! I am sooooo glad i am
here! I never wanna leave...

So this past sunday we had a cool experience, so we were walking to
give a member a homemade birthday card (cardboard folded in half and
then sharpied) and we turn down a street, when we are flagged down by
the YSA sister missionaries, who had talked to a less active that is
supposed to go to our ward! She has been wanting to return to
activity... Sooo awesome! I have been wanting to follow the spirit
more, and i guess i got my answer :)

Sorry again for the belated letter
I love you all so much,
Elder buffington

Monday, June 2, 2014

Email, Monday, June 2, 2014

Its elder buffington from week one, transfer 7!!!
Well i am in my third area, rego park, NY, near elmhurst in queens,
and i have a new awesome companion, i hope we can be in a
companionship for more than one, his name is Elder Spencer, he has
been out a little more on the mission than i, super cool, he is the
district leader, so i am happy of that, and im in the same house as
two other companionships, one of which has a missionary from my first
area, elder ligman! Super excited, we have jam sessions with two
guitars, a ukulele, a keyboard and my mandolin, soon to be another
guitar and a banjo :) im loving it hahaha

I am now in a ward, the largest in the mission, 162 people came to
church! And the high last transfer was 185!!! Im gonna struggle to
remember the names of everyone, we are in the central hub of the
mission so its gonna be awesome!

Well dont know too much about the area or my investigators, will tell
you more next email!

Love yall,
Your missionary here in new york!
Elder Buffington