Monday, March 23, 2015

Email, Monday, March 23, 2015

the transfer is starting on fire! we have a potential of 2 different
investigator families! one is a family of five and the other is a old
couple, the guy is a baptist minister haha we are really excited to
meet with him, my Spanish is improving, a lady thought i was from
Argentina which is a complement cause they have good Spanish, and the
people that do know me think i have a gringo accent... so i don't know
who to believe.
being a DL is stressful, being in charge of a district, its kinda
hard, but i made it through week one so we should be good now, i
normally need one week to adjust myself.  but the district is starting
to see the fruits of our labor,
we found our selfs with about a hour of open time Sunday so we started
to do lookups early when we received a call from bishop and he asked
us to take a member the sacrament and give a blessing to a lady, so we
were happy for that and then after we both got super thirsty, so we
walked back to the church when a LA member scared me haha! we had a
good chat with him, and it resulted in a lesson this Wednesday! woo!

im glad im writing in my journal (i know its not daily but its pretty
good) cause i can never remember the week hahaa
well i believe that is alll

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Email, Monday, March 16, 2015

transfer 14 week one
this week we (my district) were talking about singing for a Sunday
during sacrament, when i started to play a song i wrote (its the
re-written lyrics to Hallelujah) and a zone leader the sisters and us
sang it, the zone leader told us we could do it for transfer meeting,
so it was a moment of 'well that escalated quickly'! so yeah we have
been practicing the song a lot to say the least hahaha!  Wednesday we
had service day then district meeting (picture one) we were talking
and elder roland fell asleep, couldn't resist the picture, so now we
have two investigators with a baptism date on the 9th of April, super
nice! we have had a lot of time for finding people, and we have
finally looked up all of our look-ups so we got to go knocking! we
have had a couple doors in our face, but generally people were nice.
elder roland, before we fell asleep one night (more like passed out)
he woke me up and said that we were meant to be together, that he has
felt the inadequacy the week before, but i was always lifting him up,
telling him that his Spanish was good (his Spanish is truly awesome).
that night i prayed for heavenly father to let me know i was being a
good trainer, so i take that as a answer from him, "god answers his
prayers mostly, i think, through other people" Jeffrey R. Holland
so has anyone watched the religious freedom videos on the gospel
library, wayyyy good, it adjusted my view on the subject, before i
wasn't interested on the subject now I'm way into whats going on!

but yup i think that is all that i can think of, oh, so transfer calls
and leadership calls come today, so wooo, wish us luck ;)
(well i just got a phone call from the zone leaders... i have a
interview with president Calderwood... so i am getting a calling woo!)
picture two: chicked and sautéed onions and green peppers, kinda wish
we had mushrooms...
pic three, well i found where they sell deep fried oreos!

i love you all! i hope yall know that!
your New Yorker!
Elder Daniel Buffington

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Email, Monday, March 9, 2015

hello from Brooklyn!
   we had a lot of snow this week! and that resulted in sword like
icicles (a sister has the picture, so i will obtain it ASAP) my
docMartins love to slide, as do i, so i ware them during the snowy

   my companion and i are doing great! we have a investigator that has
a baptism date! April 19th, we gave him a book of mormon, he spent the
rest of the hour reading four chapters, alma 9-12, so we had a lesson
right after church, and ElderRoland committed him to be baptized, he
was worried that he wouldn't be ready, but we assured him that he
could be ready by then. so he agreed to it!

   Those with iCloud, i set up a share folder with pictures and videos
for y'all, so email me your iCloud address so i can add y'all!

   NY is warming up, maybe we are out of winter days now? any word
from the outside world?

   i love y'all, the church is true, and if your not 100% sure, pray!
its the simplest thing y'all can do,  y'all have a promise that y'all
can receive answers, its been promised by prophets, scriptures, and
yours truly, me... try it (you ain't down) see what miracles the lord
has in store for y'all!
y'all are truly the best! keep the faith! its worth it!
love y'all!
elder daniel buffington!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Email, Monday, March 2, 2015

Well another week has flown by, and alot has happened, this week we
had two meetings, trainer trainee meeting, which was super amazing! We
had a amazing workshop by the APs and President Calderwood, then the
senior couples talked about keeping ourselves safe in different areas
of the work like healthy eating, and not crashing in cars, so it was
slightly boring after the workshops but all good, we got pizza after
:)) mmmmm :) then Friday we had a general authority and a head honcho
from the missionary department which were talking about the next stage
of the technology age of discipleship, and informed us that we will
receiving new i pads, and those who would be keeping them would be
paying for them,  (thank goodness i go home a transfer or two before
that happens) and those would keep there i pads would be paying for
them and then keeping them, ill get one when i get home, probably....
TBD later... But yeah we had a really good week, numbers whys no, but
how we taught yeah! Im getting used to training, its a new experience
for sure, i am introducing him to quite a few things, we will have to
get a picture with our companionship ties, they are super nice, super
Spanish hahaha, i have shared the treasure of Gyro King, the picture
is the second time for him, he looks ssooooo enthusiast, he likes it

Well i love  you all! And your always on my mind! Keep being amazing people,
Ooh! Look at one of my favorite pictures this week! Well it is
president Uchdorphs picture, but i like it alot, during the
approaching easter season, yall the bestest!

-Elder Bufí (Buffington)-