Monday, December 29, 2014

Email, Monday, December 29, 2014

Well this week seemed like it dragged on forever, but it flew by, its weird.... Christmas week was amazing, singing carols on the the trains, sharing He Is The Gift, utilizing every phrase, or word in other languages that i have learned over the years to talk to people, in return they try to teach me a new phrase in their language, which is always fun! I thought it would be weird sharing The Gift after our christmas, but in actuality its easy, cause one, Spanish people celebrate three kings day, which to some is celebrated bigger than christmas, and Russians have a different calendar so they celebrate Christmas January 7 this year. And i can pick out Russians and Latinos quite easily now :) plus they are almost always on their phone, which is in their language, or they are reading a book in Cyrillic or Spanish, which makes it easier or approach them or start a conversation, which I ALWAYS kick myself for not learning Russian, i could have benefited from it :) but oh well, 
We have been seeing miracles this week, from less actives that we haven't been able to get in contact with for a while calling us out of the blue asking when church is and coming, and participating, to investors gaining permission to be baptized! 
Im still working on my secret santa, so i am sorry recipient of the secret santa! 

I love yall, thanks for the plethora of packages, 


Pic 1) 2.71 get off my gas prices! ;) #NYC

Pic 2) okay waking up at 4 to go to plainview for christmas concert was not on my bucket list haha

Pic 3) yes thats my companion, and yes he does have a alligator hat on, and yeah he made the face...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Email, Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey! How is everyone doing?!

The big apple is doing great! Some cool stuff is going down :) 
Okay so this week was transfer calls I'm getting yet another companion, Elder Cottle, he is in the other pool so i only have to move my stuff 20 to 30 minutes walking distance, not to shabby considering my two hour train ride bringing my stuff here, at lease i know where i will be for Christmas, so we got a sweet referral from Utah, a lady got her patriarchal blessing, felt strongly to send missionaries to her father, told the patriarch, who told his grand daughter which is a sister in our mission, who called us, and explained how the patriarch felt that we should take the plan of salvation, so we did just that, the first time we wanted to just show up, we didn't know it was a hour bus ride, this would be after after a 20 minuet train ride.  So we go out, and he wasn't home, but we talked to his son, he was super cool, so we called the second time, last night, and asked if we could come over, he agreed, so we traveled again for a good distance, and met him, super cool guy, he is a Dominican, he has a raspy voice, and needless to say we both had a hard time understanding him, we taught him about the plan of salvation, where he was super excited for his resurrected body, cause he has diabetes, and has a prosthetic leg, and he doesn't think he will live very much longer, we committed him to be baptized on the 11th of January, i think he will be ready the week before! The spirit was so strong, we promised him that he has the chance to live with his entire family forever after this life, and he loved that idea, super good lesson
Also next Sunday will be beautiful! I got permission to return to Rego to view the baptism of Olga!  She has asked if i would baptize her! 

Well i love you all, i will get to talk to some of yall next week, via Skype, 
Hope im making Yall proud! 
Your elder in the field!
Elder Daniel Buffington 

1)Elder Hellewell after a bad storm, his umbrella died :( 

2) okay so this is a ninja turtle! So during dinner they said somthing about a turtle that i didnt catch, so we sit down for the lesson and im looking around like, where is the box for the turtle?? They have a dog, maybe they were making fun of it, so about two minuets into the lesson something catches my eye, this little guy was chilling in the middle of the floor, all hidden in its shell, like it was the there the entire time! (I couldn't resist making the joke of how we use turtles in South Carolina to make soup)

3) only in New York do you find mobil billboards, TVs, and display cases! Hahaha

Monday, December 1, 2014

Email, Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey there!
This week has been a crazy fun week, like every other week, monday we
plaied football in preperation for turkey bowl, and met Elianny for
the first time, she is the ten year old that was taught in the area
next to us and needed to be baptized here, met the family, all
dominicans, way cool people!
Turkey bowl was Thursday, and my zone did better than my last years
team, we won the first game and lost in the next game (they ended up
getting second place, and they had a zone more than twice our size and
we could only sub out two elders and a sister) but not complaining
haha after that we ended up playing rugby, so it was fun! We ate at a
members house for thanksgiving and met and mingled with there family,
most of which are nonmembers.. But we taught this sweet less active
family Friday, (due to work) and they fed us chile rellenos which is
the stuffed chilies, oh my goodness, it was awesome, picture one is
the first one, which wasn't as pica, spicy, but the second they said
was very spicy, but is wasnt bad, but so much better, super smokey,
mmmmmmmmm then a fruit salad, but it was chopped fruit and sweeted
condenced milk, super good! Then Sunday we had church where i gave a
talk, which i found out about the night before, so it was short, but
to the point, and then we had the baptism! Super fun! I made rice
crispys which everyone loved,

But that be my week!
I love yall!
Remember who you are,
Elder Daniel Buffington