Monday, October 28, 2013

Email, October 28, 2013

well these past weeks have been nuts!!!!!
-My companion and i have a BAPTISM COMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEC. 8 is the date, but it will be subject to change...
     -but i know i will be able to attend the baptism of her and her kids :D
-participated in a event that broke a record... maybe two... and don't ask me what records... i don't know :P
-it has been pretty good here... and for those who didn't hear... i am permanently in the New York, NY south Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spanish speaking
      -i am being transferred Tuesday... and i dont have a clue of where i am going!
well not much to write... but more is yet to come :P

I'm in the video : P  (at the 20 second mark)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Facebook post Friday, October 18, 2013

-okay time to share an amazing mission story... so one of my Zone Leaders Elder Nemelka and i were taking a member to a lesson that was set up for a while, when when we were about 5 minuets away, he called and dropped the appointment, so we were not sure exactly what to do, so we took the member to his home and offered to share a spiritual message, he agreed, we started with a prayer, where i asked for the house to be filled with the Spirit... (i need to state that the house was quite loud) and so we started to share with him what we had planned for the investigator... it was about christlike love... this spiritual thought ended up being Thee most powerfull lessons i have ever been in, the house was all quiet, the dog was sleeping next to me about 5 to 10 minuets in, we taught with the spirit... and we seen the effects by the end, 
-i know that if we can keep prayer in our lifes that we WILL be blessed... 
-i KNOW that God answers my prayers, and i KNOW that He will answer yours... 
* -i challenge any who read this, to kneel down and pray, pray the real desires of your heart, and when you recieve your answer, ACT on it, dont let that feeling go. 
this is a simple challenge that is extended to ALL that reads this... this isnt spam i promise... i have tried it, you should too...  have a amazing night! and a amazing day!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Email from President Kunzler, October 16, 2013

Dear Bro. and Sister Buffington,

I received this notice in my e-mail today and also a voice mail indicating that Elder Daniel Buffington has been re-assigned to service in the NY NY South mission and will teach the gospel in the Spanish language.

We were asked to share with you that this re-assigment was conducted by a member of the Quorum of the Twelve as guided by the Holy Ghost.

Thank you for supporting Elder Buffington in his missionary labors. It has been reported to me that his mission president in NY is thrilled that Elder Buffington is able to stay in their mission and he is doing very well.

My prayers continue to be with you all and your dear family,

President Kunzler 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter from Daniel, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013


How are you?  Sorry for this letter not getting to you, been running around working since we got here.  I hope you liked your e-mail!  :)
This area is going to be difficult, but I keep my Patriarchal Blessing close and that gives me hope.  Your probably wondering how I am writing if I am busy?  I'm sitting in the zone van heading back to Patchouli from a regular one hour drive one way, without traffic.... yeah.... been driving for about two hours and only half way there...   :(

My new companion and my father (aka trainer), is Elder Jolley.  He has an awesome story.
When he was 12 he became less active.  At 18 he left home, drank, did drugs then one day he decided to go back to church.  He heard a testimony about baptism.  From that day, he cleaned up, didn't touch any of it ever again.  Cleaned up for the next 6 months then came out on a mission.
He is super cool and a good friend...  You don;t realize what friends you have until they aren't around.  My old district was so cool!!

Recent happenings,
I seen my old companion today!
        He is serving in city, he loves it and is working hard...
We gave the Sister missionaries home a dedication and blessing.
I have my first PI appointment Tuesday!!!  :)
I found out I will be getting an I-Pad, so I get to skype at Christmas!  So inform everyone!  I hope to see everyone!!
I will try to take pictures for ya'll   :)
They have guitars here  ^_^  It made my day.
It gets chilly, but I have a medium fleece coat and an overcoat for Sundays.
I had a slice of New York pizza, pretty good!

Been feeling home sick these past few days....
And so has Elder Jolley, he got back from surgery on his knee the same time as me, so we talk a lot about it.  I hear it is normal for the first six weeks... 
I miss familiarity,  haha I sound stupid, but I do....

But as I close this letter, I hope and pray for your well-being as well as all the family. (Yeah mom, this does include Allie, I hope you don't mind.)

I hope to hear from ya'll sooner than later.  I can ALWAYS use a letter and a prayer.

Tell Spencer I love him and that I hope he took my challenge, there is a huge reward for him.  Tell Jaz that I miss her and to always work hard and to the both of them to always work towards their ambitions and to ALWAYS remember who all gifts, blessings and life comes from and that Heavenly Father loves them.

I love you mom, thanks for everything and for believing in me.

Your son and favorite Elder,

Elder Buffington

P.S.  Sorry for the sloppy writing.  :-)

Letter from President Calderwood, September 16, 2013

Letter from Daniel, September 16, 2013

Dated 9/16/13

Dear Mom, Dad and family,

I have safely made it to New York!
We can write you all from the mission home.
There are lots of Spanish speaking Elders and Sisters and two Elders and Sister that speak Portuguese besides Elder Thorley and I.

It has been a super long day and now I am currently waiting and seeing if I am getting my interview tonight.  And Mom I hope this counts as a letter to you. Haha

I'm writing you a good letter, soon it shall be sent.

Monday is P-Day so then there will be an e-mail sent...

Such a long day!
I will write more soon!
Thank you all for all the support!

Your Elder in the field,

Elder Buffington

Monday, September 23, 2013

Email, September 23, 2013

how is everyone?!
its p day and all is well
so there is a sister that has been in the mission for about 9 weeks, in fact she is training a missionary, that companionship is both visa waiters, im in a pad with another visa waiter.... so in our area, there are 4 Brazil missionaries! woot! represent!
i heard of a missionary somewhere else in the mission that was perminantly placed here
im keeping the language up, and it is way fun! im in 2 Nephi and am reading a chapter a day, in english and portuguese :)
home sickness is at a minimal but would love mail :)
it takes a while for mail to be recieved here so if u have sent letters i will not get it for a while :)
alot of work needs to be done, the lord needs me here in new york...
i know i dont have my camra here but i dont really have pictures to send, so when i get pictures today i will send them next monday :)
my companion is Elder Jolley, he is way cool... from a small town near ceader city Utah, so he has a twaing... goodbye brazil accent hello twaing :P
he is a awersome missionary, and fearless when it comes to talking to people, he just got back from returning home due to a knee surgery... so that hurts him a little and has a bit of homesickness like me, i should settle in here soon, my area is Patchouge and we live about 10 to 15 minuets outside of our area, well that is where the pad is...
im working hard as possible so wish me luck!
- Elder Buffingon
new mailing adress
Elder Daniel Buffington
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst, NY 11373
United States

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Email, Wednesday, September 18, 2013

hi all yall!
its me daniel and i have been given permission to email you all and let you know i have arived here safely! the work here will be super tough... i am in the south shore area.... this is the mailing adress....
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst, NY 11373
United States
i wish i could stay on and wait for a reply but i have alot to try to do here.... thanks for everything that you all do... i feel your prayers and know that if it wasnt for yall i wouldnt be able to last :)
stay strong... remember who you are....
i love you all so verry much
i am keeping my hopes high...
i will prob still need all the prayers i can get,
more info will be sent out on my p day monday
with much love,
Elder Buffington

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Email, September 12, 2013


monday september 16th, flight departure 825a arive in phillidelphia airport at 236p
i depart from philldelphia 400p arive 513p

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Email, Tuesday, September 9, 2013

hello there outside world!!!!!!

its lil ol me again! went and did some awesome temple work..... we got
there super early to do some extra stuff :D i needed the extra
blessing from it cause i might not be in a temple for the rest of my

  Obedience is the Price
          Faith is the Power
    the Spirit is the Key
         Christ is the Reason
           Love is the Motive
             Joy is the Reward

i love everyone and hope im making you all proud! im working as hard
as possible! im getting used to the "fire hydrant" of information...
and now i want more!

hang in there and keep strong everyone!

yall are my life line :D

with total love,
Elder Daniel Buffington

ps i will be speaking only Portuguese from now till i leave the MTC...
wish me luck (nervousness)

quick story:
this is Irmão Belchior! he helped me out so much! he has a testimunho
GRANDE (GREAT testimony) he liked that particular tie so i marked it,
in return he gave me this tie... he wore it to every exchange and
transfer... it is well worn and the legacy of that tie will
continue... one of many storys he has with this particular tie is that
he was hit while he was on a bike, and his companion didn't see that
him and his bike was perfectly fine... so when Belchior reached his
companion and places his hand on his shoulder his companion started
crying thinking he was a spirit xD lets hope it will provide me with
the same protection!!!!

also as a update.... i LOVE being Zone Leader....

and also.... for jonathan... i live in the celestial kingdom if i have
not told you yet....
the vending machines have 50 50 bars for 50 cents so i do love them

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Email Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Dearest Family and Friends,
    these past four weeks have humbled and inspired me to better myself, in hopes of being the best i can possibly be, having the opportunity to visit the the temple every Tuesday morning is an amazing time to pray hard, ponder a lot, and receive personal revelation as to what i should do as a missionary to better prepare myself, to my family, and my closest friends that have sent me notes and letters, thank you so very much for every note, i hear rumors that the leader of this nation we live in is considering making poor choices... revelation from ancient prophets are truly coming to past... wars will be fought... the lord has hastened His work for the hour of his coming is at hand... i know that this generation of missionaries is very important because there has been two apostles speaking to us in the past 4 weeks... this normally never happens... upon this... it has rained quite a bit here... we had to walk half an hour in it. woo! which reminds me i might need a rain coat for when i head to Brazil.. Meu não gusto being wet.. :D 

so the mail room has been closed for the last three days... so i was wayy excited to see all the letters.... aannndd  dear elder will be sent this evning after dinner.... maybe i will have more mail! woo!

just trying to think of the stuff i can type today is overwhelming thank goodness i can write letters.... wich i will be sending letters off today... i hope... 

the one cool story i shall tell in this story, second week in we got a new teacher in addition to Irmão Walker, Irmão Luis Belchior, he returned from his mission about 9 weeks ago, he was born in Mozambique, while he was young his older brother went and served a mission, while he was out his parents passed away, him and his sisters were left to live in a orphanage, long story shot due to my slow typing, he cam to america, where he did a documentary... he served a powerful mission and the tie that he wore to every exchange was given to me as i gave him a tie of my own, no tie could compair to his tie, when it comes to a meaningful tie... he has tons of sweet mission stories... i will have pictures coming soon of it.... but for now.......

Jonathan :D 
   thank you so very much for the EPIC GRAVATA! by far the best tie in the MTC! 

(He sent 5 pictures...3 didn't come through and the other 2 were in last week's email so I didn't include them here)

Pictures Daniel forwarded from another Elder that have Daniel in them:


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013-Letter from MTC Presidency


Congratulations on your new calling as a missionary leader! Please see the attached letter regarding your new call.

The MTC Presidency

Dear Elder Buffington,

Congratulations on your assignment as ‘Zone Leader’. You have been assigned by inspiration and given the
responsibility to be an example to the members of your branch. As you personally maintain the high standards
of the Missionary Training Center, and keep yourself spiritually prepared to receive the promptings of the Holy
Ghost, you will be an inspiration to the missionaries in your branch.

This is a special opportunity for you to develop the Christ-like qualities of leadership that will invite others to
follow your example. This means to lead in love. Be sensitive to the needs of the missionaries in your branch.
Some may need an encouraging word to bolster their faith and confidence. Remember to follow the counsel of
your branch president. Make him aware of special needs as you see them and report anything that you may
notice as being amiss.

By your example of faith and obedience, you will encourage and strengthen others to serve with commitment. In
the Doctrine and Covenants 121:41, the Lord counsels: “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained
by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love

Be clear and bold in your counsel and your leadership of other missionaries. (D&C 121:43) If you expect and
require the highest level of obedience and dedication, your missionaries will raise themselves to that level.
Please refer to your missionary leader guide book for specific responsibilities.

May our Father in heaven bless you as you serve in this important responsibility.


Lon B. Nally


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Email August 27th, 2013

 heyyyy there from the MTC! 
       how is it going on the outside world?? it is long here but flying by so quickly.... almost half way done.... everyone is being reassigned stateside and waiting for the visas.  i have the opportunity to attend the temple and i prayed fervently to know what was going to happen... the most remarkable feeling came over me, the most peace and the reassurance that i was there for a reason... and that if i am reassigned state side, there is a reason for it.  the days are full of attempts to learn Portuguese and practicing baring my testimony in the language... most of my prayers outside the temple are in the language, i see the lords hands at work with me and my district mates, so if anyone has not heard the huge news my companion and i are the new Zone Leaders for Branch 70! my patriarchal blessing said i would be given responsibility that i would assume that are impossible to accomplish, but i am faithful and prayerful, i hope i am humble... and as i am continuing in this assignment i will accomplish it with success. (i glance up to about twenty red-squiggly-lines-that-let-you-know-that-you-cannot-spell-to-save-your-life-thingys.... staring and taunting at me cause my mouse isn't working...) i realize i am learning much when i start to see words in english and i think i see the portuguese word in stead... im starting to think certain words in english... along with that my letters are effected a bit... i love the language, it is the ultimate language, portuguese is best described as a mixture of french (love language?) and spainish (epic accents?) haha alright, now for picture time!!!!

elder Charles!

 heel click for joy??

 temple walk sundays
sisters showing there yay hands from Irmão Belchoir 

an unfortunate person with unfortunate circumstances.... i pray he sees how much the savior loves him... 

well that will be all for this week... 

-Elder Buffington (Boo-f-ing-tone is how they pronounce it)   
ps i love and pray for you all! stay stong and keep mom from missing me too much!!!

Excerpt from email to Mom:
as i am on my complete third week, i find that i need another pair of jeans, maybe a pair of khaki (?) slacks... and a shirt or two... if you all in the real world can find the Brazil mission tee-shirt.... or if u can find a Brazil, Macéio mission tee-shirt maybe you can get one for my companion and i... if you all do, I'm a Med. and my companion is the same!

btw.. if you find a tie like this.... or maybe the background black and the stitching pink... id be grateful!  the design is called "paisley" ::)))))

so my roommates and i created a top 25 tips for missionaries

1. Socks, THAN Shoes
2. Residents vents can be doubled as fridges
3. you may be called to one of the Brazil missions, but your serving state side, you just don't know it yet.
4. official tie length is described as "to the belt buckle"
5. comparing district members to the Disney characters they resemble is a good use of language study time
6. The best way to make friends is cinnamon rolls and a ab wheel
7. A missionary will use the hand sanitizer dispensers on average of 25 times daily.
8. if you are having trouble memorizing "your purpose", turning the lines into war chants makes it a success
9. don't play with your cafeteria food, UNLESS it is JELLO
10. the most seriously observed and respected game at the MTC is 4-square.
11. if lessons with your progressive investigator isn't going well, crying hysterically is a acceptable last resort.
12. dropping your scriptures on the ground is a automatic 10 pounds on your future wife, but don't lose hope, there is a reset option, its called prayer
13. having a companion is like having peter pans shadow, but you cant get rid of him with soap, or bring him back.
14. TALL lab (interactive language learning program)= nap time
15. the Orange Juice here is rumored to be sketchy
16. tie exchanges can be fun, but people can be real "wheeler-dealers"
17. the Cafe doorman watches like a hawk... so if u don't have your card, your not eating
18. encourage friends and family to send packages and letters, especially if you have the early eating schedule
19. if you are saddened by not receiving any letters or packages blaming your district leader can be a good stress reliever
20. if a sister tells you that you have a "sweet spirit" it ISN'T a complement
21. all stories that include "long story short" ends with a long drug out ending.
22. don't photo bomb on the temple grounds, you'll feel stupid
23. if you are going to sing during a Sunday night devotional, 1. SHAVE 2. don't sing like a goat
24. singing, parkour, jump-roping, food eating competitions, riddles/jokes
      -these are examples of things you might think impress sisters, but in fact makes u a outcast
25. Make sure you know what a dear john is before PROUDLY announce it in front of the entire MTC population

i must let you know that these are not ALL done by us.... 

hahaha hope this made you smile :) we are working hard here... but my district is like a family to me! it has assisted me so much!

you can share the list with the others if u feel like it.

keep praying, keep on being faithful, and above all else, Stay Strong, and remember who you are :) 
i love ya mom and will hope to hear from you soon! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hello there! well this is my weekly update to let you know the cool stuff that has happened, i might add a pic or three, gotta find a way to reduce the size of these :D

anyhow, i have been slowly but surly growing in the language, these hours are difficult but much worth it!

sobe missed me xD

Elder Thorley and I
(such a great companion)

my district in front of the provo temple

my first progressing investigator

portu-englês words (zinhos= little, so, little byes, little breaks, etc. (fox is irmão walkers little boy xD))

thats all for this week i think, for everyone following me, thank you for the support and may god be with you till we (e-mail) again!
and mom... thanks for the livingroom picture on my camra, i just found it the other day! you are the best, and a super thanks for the care package!\
tchau zinhos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Buffington
(called to the lords true mission, slightly delayed cause of meainies, but i know there is a reason for it!)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

hey mom! it has been a crazy week! but this is my p day! i get an hour to do this! i sent a note home, a brief note but it does have my adreass on it! language is progressing more than i could ever imagine, and i have been told i have a Portuguese accent now! hope all is well with you at home, and the family of course, thats good that spence is heading there, i guess he is there by now, tell him that i love him and he has been in my prayers, i believe today has been by far the best day, i started my day at 6:15, then had a small bite to eat, than we went to the temple and went through a session, it has been too long sence i have been there and it was a much needed time to converse with the lord, i hit a point that i thought i couldnt learn anything because i can understand sooooo much and i know what to say, i just get a bit nervous when it happenes.... my companion is Elder Thorley, he is a epic person and he is awesome in the language, he assists me when i need it!!!!!    by the way... you covered o output with duck tape,

i am trying to read the book of Mormon with the Portuguese book of Mormon side by side, you all are in my prayers always, i love you all, i have about 20 min. on here so maybe there will be a reply,

i love you, stay strong and remember that you have a son that is puting all his heart might mind and faith into his preperation to serve the wondwerful people of Maceio,