Thursday, July 16, 2015

Email, Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the final week has sadly come,

hey mom could you send this email to everyone, im not on my ipad anymore.  

hey yall! well this is it, back to the good 'ol computer keyboard and mouse! i posted my final set of pictures on the family shared iCloud account that i set up a few months ago, but so what happened this past week was that Monday, we had interviews from president Reynolds (the new MP) super short, Tuesday was my departing temple trip, and departing interview, really long... we didn't get home till 10 pm, supppper long day.  but ooooh so good.  today we have two dinner appointments to attend to, tomorrow we have to clean the apartment, because it will be closed for a short time.  friday we have a zone training meeting, saturday we have a ward mens BBQ sunday church,monday i will be heading to Rego Park because it is the birthday of Olga! and all the youth will be there to say goodbye to! and that will be it! now to travel back in time! the temple trip was absolutely amazing, the feelings and impressions i received was so amazing and non forgettable.  we can truly receive power from on high when we serve in the temple, which is why i want to place the goal of going to the house of the lord at the very least once a month.  i honestly cannot remember specifics from last week, but i do know that i have been a instrument in the hands of the lord! 

the church is true! 
i wont fall away.  i owe my life to the gospel,  
the mission has blessed me so so much!

i love each one of you, 

see you next week

Elder Daniel Buffington

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