Monday, May 26, 2014

Email, Monday, May 26, 2014

Well the title says alot, its the end of another transfer, and
unfortunately i am "out" which means i am going to another area in the
mission, but i shouldn't have to worry about being banished to the
island, cause i am staying in the city with my ADD :D
this week has been super long and filled with mixed emotions, and
goodbyes, and today i finish saying goodbyes, and i feel like it will
be the hardest today.  But im leaving cause the lord needs me
someplace else, (fingers crossed for Brooklyn, diker heights) its a
higher possibility cause i have to stay here in the city.
Yesterday was full of visits, and frankly eating haha :) of our two
dinner appointments, i only got a picture of one, it is with the other
elder in the district that is leaving, elder goates :) so i have all
of the pictures with the members and of my investigator at the end of
the letter.
Today is gonna be so much fun, we are going to the branch bbq for a
little, and then to a Mets game, the stadium is right here in the
area, which will be awesome, they are playing the pirates (from
pitsburg virginia)! Then after the game, is a bbq that the other ward
is putting on for all departing missionaries, and missionaries leaving
the area, and their investigators, and the member that wants to go, so
fullllllll day :) then packing is the plan for me.
I am doing well, i have progressed sooooooooooooooooooo much in
spanish and the gospel sense i have been here, i love and miss each of
you, and i am ready to start this next chapter in my mission
adventure.  I hope to hear from yall soon, cause yall are the best,
Remember who you are,
Stay yourself, god made you, you, for a reason :)

  Your friend/brother/son in the vinyard,
Elder Daniel Buffington


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