Monday, May 19, 2014

Email, Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey there!
It is week 6 of transfer 6, where has the time gone, it is flying by rapidly!

Been a really good week, seeing a lot of blessings and miracles, and
they all are around my investigator, Ignacio, this week they had us
over 4 times haha and we also helped him go to Manhattan which is out
of the mission, but we got permission and gained a lot of trust with
the mission president while doing so... But needless to say, i dont
want to leave this area.. We had another music street sweep this week,
so i got to jam in the streets of new york, hymns of course haha, but
other than that it has been pretty uneventful,

How was last week? Anything cool happen? Any questions or requests of me?

Cant wait to hear from yall
Elder Buffington
Ps, send this to everyone, including jeff

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