Thursday, June 12, 2014

Email, Thursday, June 12, 2014

Well this week I'm going to start by saying sorry for this coming
today and not monday.
We had a mission tour going on and our conference was on tuesday...
way cool, Elder Nelson from the quorum of the seventy (the
"exclamation point" guy the one i have a picture with on facebook)  i
found him a scripture he was looking for but couldn't locate it! So i
felt good :)  so we deep cleaned the church, was supposed to take
three hours, so we changed our p day to today :), and somehow three
hours shifted to all day! Yeah we didn't finish till 845, but at lease
it is supper clean, i cleaned the girls bathroom, took 5 hours...
Girls bathrooms are gross, the grout was black... Now white :) Ya
know... The mission makes the world really small... In my first area,
i met a very close friend with the martinez, in fact he was my ward
coordinator, uber cool! And now i am in the ward that Sister Martinez
was in, :) now im gonna ask people if they remember her! (And everyone
from utah lives near each other, but dosnt know anyone, even from the
same stake..) missions are amazing! I love mine! I am sooooo glad i am
here! I never wanna leave...

So this past sunday we had a cool experience, so we were walking to
give a member a homemade birthday card (cardboard folded in half and
then sharpied) and we turn down a street, when we are flagged down by
the YSA sister missionaries, who had talked to a less active that is
supposed to go to our ward! She has been wanting to return to
activity... Sooo awesome! I have been wanting to follow the spirit
more, and i guess i got my answer :)

Sorry again for the belated letter
I love you all so much,
Elder buffington

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