Monday, June 16, 2014

Email, Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey family!
Long time right? Well not much going on, so i will tell yall a little
about the area, so i am in rego park, and a little ways north is where
we normally proselyte in a area called corona (kinda like the beer
company, oddly enough) and the ratio of spanish people to anyone else
is about the same ratio of the world to me :) it is crazy, especially
now during the world cup, every day people are out in there countries
jersey supporting, we did some service for a member here friday
evening, and she gave us free jerseys so i am supporting columbia,
which is my adopted country, the team won the first game, and there
next one is thursday, im sooo excited, and hope they win, them or
brazil! (Between us, i hope columbia is the victor) sebastian, the
recent convert in my old area officially called me a columbian, (that
is where his family comes from) so i am happy of that! But that is
really the only area im in, cause it is awesome and chucked full of
spanish people!

I am doing well and my spanish is picking up, it should be really good
by the time i leave this area.
Hope everyone is doing superb!
Well i love yall!

Elder Buffington

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