Monday, August 18, 2014

Email, Monday, August 18, 2014

Helllllooooo! Its been a while no?
Its been a crazy awesome week filled with mini miracles :)
And it really all started on Friday :) so Thursday during weekly
planning during companion inventory we decided to try speaking spanish
solely thru Friday from the time we woke up till the night, it was so
much fun, trying to speak my mind in spanish is harder than excepted,
but i am getting better which i was told by hermana casteñeda (member
whose two sons are less active) which she makes the best drinks ever,
we have awesome horchata and a smoothie haha. We also had a lesson
with Olga which she committed to coming to church, even if she needs
to close her tienda  for three hours.  Super exciting! Then that night
we get a call from another set of missionaries in the mission, in the
adjacent zone, that they have a guy that just came into the church and
told them he wanted to be taught, so we taught him Saturday and he
agreed to being baptized on my birthday! So exciting! And he is so
solid that he goes to the english ward there in the other building,
and our spanish one! This is the most successful week i have seen
sense i have been in the area!  And then Saturday night transfer calls
:/ so we got our calls and the verdict is that elder trujillo and i
will be staying together! Supper exciting, this is my second companion
for more than one transfer! :) Sunday we had a child of record
baptism, and goooooodddd food after, im telling yall, spanish people
know how to cook awesome stuff and A LOT of it :) kinda reminds me of
mom, they take great care of us!  Then we did train hopping hoping to
find new friends and i met three Russian speakers that spoke english
(the first from Russia, she is now a sophomore in college she has been
in the states for a year now, second was a family that is from a
little country near Russia, been here for seven years, and the last
one was from the Ukraine has been here for 3 months or so, she works
as a cashier, good english for how little of time she has been here. )
which makes me wish i studied more Russian when i had the chance, man,
i just want to learn so many languages right now, :P spanish
portuguese and russian what is this haha its just a blessing, to know
languages cause you can always help someone, make them smile after a
bad day, or make a new friend :) i endorse learning new languages ,
Well i believe that is all for this week, i love each and every one of
you! Yall better take care and be safe,

The only picture this week is a meal we made (cause we missionaries
learn how to cook) and for both plates its just about 5$ :)

But that be all now, the hastening of the work of salvation is real!
Go be a missionary, or a strangers friend this week!
Elder Buffington!

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