Monday, August 25, 2014

Email, Monday, August 25, 2014

Hellllo! Its beginning of week two! Been a sweet week, and i have lots
of things to write (hopefully)
It seems like alot, to me at least!
Okay so first story to tell, my companion and i were sitting at the
subway station, waiting for the 7 train (estamos esperando siempre)
and there is a lady looking at the station map with a pretty guitar,
so i go and chat with her, she has been playing for close to 20 years,
and so it was a good talk and she got on the same car as us and
started playing "have you ever seen he rain" by Credence Clearwater
Revival, which took me back :) after that she was walking around
collecting donations and in stead gave me a guitar pick, which i did
in return still really cool! And i also gave her my Facebook sticker.
Then i had a answer to my prayers (part one) a guy was trying to bash
my faith on the church, which he didnt make sense, but still my faith
was stronger than his hatred towards churches in general.  But it all
was worth it with a dinner appt, we had Bandeja Paisa, arepas, aqua
panela (water and brown sugar) a columbian dish (pic One) the next day
we were weekly planning and the zone leaders came in and chatted for a
second and then told us that someone supposedly saw us at 9:30 at the
church with the lights off, and also they supposedly saw us downstairs
in separate rooms away from sight and sound! And we said what on earth
are you talking about?! We were in lessons every day, we dont need to
be at the church past 9:00! We are here trying to be strictly obedient
which the blessings of which are obvious in two new investigators with
baptism dates, so they now know it wasn't us... Then we had three
appts all of which had to last 30 minuets haha besides the final one
for the evening, which we got a new referral from :) but they were
sweet lessons, we moved a baptism date closer than originally planned,
now is September 7, and had Peruvian food (picture 2 yes im getting
the sause recipe   for you mom) :) then the following day we had a
street sweep in which a guy started talking to my companion and
cursing me out for the fact i had a bag that has a columbian flag and
im not columbian, and then started cursing at others because they were
talking with us, we asked him to leave but he refused, so he stood
there for a minuet and realized we were not leaving so he walked
away... It has been a hard week, but yesterday Olga our investigator
came to church! It was here first time, but she could only stay for
the first hour. It was awesome!
So as you can see, i had a interesting and trying week, but im still
kicking, and i got a haircut ! I will get a good picture to show yall
I love yall, i know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to
the earth, i know the reality of the atonement, i have used it and
felt the impact and comfort in my life, i know we have a living
prophet on the earth today, the gospel is real people, this is why im
in New York, cause i came to my mission wanting to help people, gor my
entire life i have found my personal spiritual gift of listening and
empathizing with people, listening to there problems, getting them to
smile, helping them with their burdens, how better than share the
gospel of the restoration of Christ's teachings in completeness? I
want to be the friend that people can trust, that they can come to
when they have had a poor week, and they need a 'dani hug' cause i
give the best hugs, (unfortunately im out of practice here on the
mission) hahah but i cant wait to hear from you all!

Elder Daniel Buffington

Hair cut-before


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