Thursday, March 12, 2015

Email, Monday, March 9, 2015

hello from Brooklyn!
   we had a lot of snow this week! and that resulted in sword like
icicles (a sister has the picture, so i will obtain it ASAP) my
docMartins love to slide, as do i, so i ware them during the snowy

   my companion and i are doing great! we have a investigator that has
a baptism date! April 19th, we gave him a book of mormon, he spent the
rest of the hour reading four chapters, alma 9-12, so we had a lesson
right after church, and ElderRoland committed him to be baptized, he
was worried that he wouldn't be ready, but we assured him that he
could be ready by then. so he agreed to it!

   Those with iCloud, i set up a share folder with pictures and videos
for y'all, so email me your iCloud address so i can add y'all!

   NY is warming up, maybe we are out of winter days now? any word
from the outside world?

   i love y'all, the church is true, and if your not 100% sure, pray!
its the simplest thing y'all can do,  y'all have a promise that y'all
can receive answers, its been promised by prophets, scriptures, and
yours truly, me... try it (you ain't down) see what miracles the lord
has in store for y'all!
y'all are truly the best! keep the faith! its worth it!
love y'all!
elder daniel buffington!

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