Monday, March 2, 2015

Email, Monday, March 2, 2015

Well another week has flown by, and alot has happened, this week we
had two meetings, trainer trainee meeting, which was super amazing! We
had a amazing workshop by the APs and President Calderwood, then the
senior couples talked about keeping ourselves safe in different areas
of the work like healthy eating, and not crashing in cars, so it was
slightly boring after the workshops but all good, we got pizza after
:)) mmmmm :) then Friday we had a general authority and a head honcho
from the missionary department which were talking about the next stage
of the technology age of discipleship, and informed us that we will
receiving new i pads, and those who would be keeping them would be
paying for them,  (thank goodness i go home a transfer or two before
that happens) and those would keep there i pads would be paying for
them and then keeping them, ill get one when i get home, probably....
TBD later... But yeah we had a really good week, numbers whys no, but
how we taught yeah! Im getting used to training, its a new experience
for sure, i am introducing him to quite a few things, we will have to
get a picture with our companionship ties, they are super nice, super
Spanish hahaha, i have shared the treasure of Gyro King, the picture
is the second time for him, he looks ssooooo enthusiast, he likes it

Well i love  you all! And your always on my mind! Keep being amazing people,
Ooh! Look at one of my favorite pictures this week! Well it is
president Uchdorphs picture, but i like it alot, during the
approaching easter season, yall the bestest!

-Elder BufĂ­ (Buffington)-

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