Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Email August 27th, 2013

 heyyyy there from the MTC! 
       how is it going on the outside world?? it is long here but flying by so quickly.... almost half way done.... everyone is being reassigned stateside and waiting for the visas.  i have the opportunity to attend the temple and i prayed fervently to know what was going to happen... the most remarkable feeling came over me, the most peace and the reassurance that i was there for a reason... and that if i am reassigned state side, there is a reason for it.  the days are full of attempts to learn Portuguese and practicing baring my testimony in the language... most of my prayers outside the temple are in the language, i see the lords hands at work with me and my district mates, so if anyone has not heard the huge news my companion and i are the new Zone Leaders for Branch 70! my patriarchal blessing said i would be given responsibility that i would assume that are impossible to accomplish, but i am faithful and prayerful, i hope i am humble... and as i am continuing in this assignment i will accomplish it with success. (i glance up to about twenty red-squiggly-lines-that-let-you-know-that-you-cannot-spell-to-save-your-life-thingys.... staring and taunting at me cause my mouse isn't working...) i realize i am learning much when i start to see words in english and i think i see the portuguese word in stead... im starting to think certain words in english... along with that my letters are effected a bit... i love the language, it is the ultimate language, portuguese is best described as a mixture of french (love language?) and spainish (epic accents?) haha alright, now for picture time!!!!

elder Charles!

 heel click for joy??

 temple walk sundays
sisters showing there yay hands from Irmão Belchoir 

an unfortunate person with unfortunate circumstances.... i pray he sees how much the savior loves him... 

well that will be all for this week... 

-Elder Buffington (Boo-f-ing-tone is how they pronounce it)   
ps i love and pray for you all! stay stong and keep mom from missing me too much!!!

Excerpt from email to Mom:
as i am on my complete third week, i find that i need another pair of jeans, maybe a pair of khaki (?) slacks... and a shirt or two... if you all in the real world can find the Brazil mission tee-shirt.... or if u can find a Brazil, Macéio mission tee-shirt maybe you can get one for my companion and i... if you all do, I'm a Med. and my companion is the same!

btw.. if you find a tie like this.... or maybe the background black and the stitching pink... id be grateful!  the design is called "paisley" ::)))))

so my roommates and i created a top 25 tips for missionaries

1. Socks, THAN Shoes
2. Residents vents can be doubled as fridges
3. you may be called to one of the Brazil missions, but your serving state side, you just don't know it yet.
4. official tie length is described as "to the belt buckle"
5. comparing district members to the Disney characters they resemble is a good use of language study time
6. The best way to make friends is cinnamon rolls and a ab wheel
7. A missionary will use the hand sanitizer dispensers on average of 25 times daily.
8. if you are having trouble memorizing "your purpose", turning the lines into war chants makes it a success
9. don't play with your cafeteria food, UNLESS it is JELLO
10. the most seriously observed and respected game at the MTC is 4-square.
11. if lessons with your progressive investigator isn't going well, crying hysterically is a acceptable last resort.
12. dropping your scriptures on the ground is a automatic 10 pounds on your future wife, but don't lose hope, there is a reset option, its called prayer
13. having a companion is like having peter pans shadow, but you cant get rid of him with soap, or bring him back.
14. TALL lab (interactive language learning program)= nap time
15. the Orange Juice here is rumored to be sketchy
16. tie exchanges can be fun, but people can be real "wheeler-dealers"
17. the Cafe doorman watches like a hawk... so if u don't have your card, your not eating
18. encourage friends and family to send packages and letters, especially if you have the early eating schedule
19. if you are saddened by not receiving any letters or packages blaming your district leader can be a good stress reliever
20. if a sister tells you that you have a "sweet spirit" it ISN'T a complement
21. all stories that include "long story short" ends with a long drug out ending.
22. don't photo bomb on the temple grounds, you'll feel stupid
23. if you are going to sing during a Sunday night devotional, 1. SHAVE 2. don't sing like a goat
24. singing, parkour, jump-roping, food eating competitions, riddles/jokes
      -these are examples of things you might think impress sisters, but in fact makes u a outcast
25. Make sure you know what a dear john is before PROUDLY announce it in front of the entire MTC population

i must let you know that these are not ALL done by us.... 

hahaha hope this made you smile :) we are working hard here... but my district is like a family to me! it has assisted me so much!

you can share the list with the others if u feel like it.

keep praying, keep on being faithful, and above all else, Stay Strong, and remember who you are :) 
i love ya mom and will hope to hear from you soon! 

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