Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

hey mom! it has been a crazy week! but this is my p day! i get an hour to do this! i sent a note home, a brief note but it does have my adreass on it! language is progressing more than i could ever imagine, and i have been told i have a Portuguese accent now! hope all is well with you at home, and the family of course, thats good that spence is heading there, i guess he is there by now, tell him that i love him and he has been in my prayers, i believe today has been by far the best day, i started my day at 6:15, then had a small bite to eat, than we went to the temple and went through a session, it has been too long sence i have been there and it was a much needed time to converse with the lord, i hit a point that i thought i couldnt learn anything because i can understand sooooo much and i know what to say, i just get a bit nervous when it happenes.... my companion is Elder Thorley, he is a epic person and he is awesome in the language, he assists me when i need it!!!!!    by the way... you covered o output with duck tape,

i am trying to read the book of Mormon with the Portuguese book of Mormon side by side, you all are in my prayers always, i love you all, i have about 20 min. on here so maybe there will be a reply,

i love you, stay strong and remember that you have a son that is puting all his heart might mind and faith into his preperation to serve the wondwerful people of Maceio,

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  1. Thanks for doing this!!!! =)
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