Monday, September 23, 2013

Email, September 23, 2013

how is everyone?!
its p day and all is well
so there is a sister that has been in the mission for about 9 weeks, in fact she is training a missionary, that companionship is both visa waiters, im in a pad with another visa waiter.... so in our area, there are 4 Brazil missionaries! woot! represent!
i heard of a missionary somewhere else in the mission that was perminantly placed here
im keeping the language up, and it is way fun! im in 2 Nephi and am reading a chapter a day, in english and portuguese :)
home sickness is at a minimal but would love mail :)
it takes a while for mail to be recieved here so if u have sent letters i will not get it for a while :)
alot of work needs to be done, the lord needs me here in new york...
i know i dont have my camra here but i dont really have pictures to send, so when i get pictures today i will send them next monday :)
my companion is Elder Jolley, he is way cool... from a small town near ceader city Utah, so he has a twaing... goodbye brazil accent hello twaing :P
he is a awersome missionary, and fearless when it comes to talking to people, he just got back from returning home due to a knee surgery... so that hurts him a little and has a bit of homesickness like me, i should settle in here soon, my area is Patchouge and we live about 10 to 15 minuets outside of our area, well that is where the pad is...
im working hard as possible so wish me luck!
- Elder Buffingon
new mailing adress
Elder Daniel Buffington
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst, NY 11373
United States

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