Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Email, Tuesday, September 9, 2013

hello there outside world!!!!!!

its lil ol me again! went and did some awesome temple work..... we got
there super early to do some extra stuff :D i needed the extra
blessing from it cause i might not be in a temple for the rest of my

  Obedience is the Price
          Faith is the Power
    the Spirit is the Key
         Christ is the Reason
           Love is the Motive
             Joy is the Reward

i love everyone and hope im making you all proud! im working as hard
as possible! im getting used to the "fire hydrant" of information...
and now i want more!

hang in there and keep strong everyone!

yall are my life line :D

with total love,
Elder Daniel Buffington

ps i will be speaking only Portuguese from now till i leave the MTC...
wish me luck (nervousness)

quick story:
this is Irmão Belchior! he helped me out so much! he has a testimunho
GRANDE (GREAT testimony) he liked that particular tie so i marked it,
in return he gave me this tie... he wore it to every exchange and
transfer... it is well worn and the legacy of that tie will
continue... one of many storys he has with this particular tie is that
he was hit while he was on a bike, and his companion didn't see that
him and his bike was perfectly fine... so when Belchior reached his
companion and places his hand on his shoulder his companion started
crying thinking he was a spirit xD lets hope it will provide me with
the same protection!!!!

also as a update.... i LOVE being Zone Leader....

and also.... for jonathan... i live in the celestial kingdom if i have
not told you yet....
the vending machines have 50 50 bars for 50 cents so i do love them

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