Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Email Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Dearest Family and Friends,
    these past four weeks have humbled and inspired me to better myself, in hopes of being the best i can possibly be, having the opportunity to visit the the temple every Tuesday morning is an amazing time to pray hard, ponder a lot, and receive personal revelation as to what i should do as a missionary to better prepare myself, to my family, and my closest friends that have sent me notes and letters, thank you so very much for every note, i hear rumors that the leader of this nation we live in is considering making poor choices... revelation from ancient prophets are truly coming to past... wars will be fought... the lord has hastened His work for the hour of his coming is at hand... i know that this generation of missionaries is very important because there has been two apostles speaking to us in the past 4 weeks... this normally never happens... upon this... it has rained quite a bit here... we had to walk half an hour in it. woo! which reminds me i might need a rain coat for when i head to Brazil.. Meu não gusto being wet.. :D 

so the mail room has been closed for the last three days... so i was wayy excited to see all the letters.... aannndd  dear elder will be sent this evning after dinner.... maybe i will have more mail! woo!

just trying to think of the stuff i can type today is overwhelming thank goodness i can write letters.... wich i will be sending letters off today... i hope... 

the one cool story i shall tell in this story, second week in we got a new teacher in addition to Irmão Walker, Irmão Luis Belchior, he returned from his mission about 9 weeks ago, he was born in Mozambique, while he was young his older brother went and served a mission, while he was out his parents passed away, him and his sisters were left to live in a orphanage, long story shot due to my slow typing, he cam to america, where he did a documentary... he served a powerful mission and the tie that he wore to every exchange was given to me as i gave him a tie of my own, no tie could compair to his tie, when it comes to a meaningful tie... he has tons of sweet mission stories... i will have pictures coming soon of it.... but for now.......

Jonathan :D 
   thank you so very much for the EPIC GRAVATA! by far the best tie in the MTC! 

(He sent 5 pictures...3 didn't come through and the other 2 were in last week's email so I didn't include them here)

Pictures Daniel forwarded from another Elder that have Daniel in them:


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