Monday, October 28, 2013

Email, October 28, 2013

well these past weeks have been nuts!!!!!
-My companion and i have a BAPTISM COMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEC. 8 is the date, but it will be subject to change...
     -but i know i will be able to attend the baptism of her and her kids :D
-participated in a event that broke a record... maybe two... and don't ask me what records... i don't know :P
-it has been pretty good here... and for those who didn't hear... i am permanently in the New York, NY south Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spanish speaking
      -i am being transferred Tuesday... and i dont have a clue of where i am going!
well not much to write... but more is yet to come :P

I'm in the video : P  (at the 20 second mark)

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