Friday, October 18, 2013

Facebook post Friday, October 18, 2013

-okay time to share an amazing mission story... so one of my Zone Leaders Elder Nemelka and i were taking a member to a lesson that was set up for a while, when when we were about 5 minuets away, he called and dropped the appointment, so we were not sure exactly what to do, so we took the member to his home and offered to share a spiritual message, he agreed, we started with a prayer, where i asked for the house to be filled with the Spirit... (i need to state that the house was quite loud) and so we started to share with him what we had planned for the investigator... it was about christlike love... this spiritual thought ended up being Thee most powerfull lessons i have ever been in, the house was all quiet, the dog was sleeping next to me about 5 to 10 minuets in, we taught with the spirit... and we seen the effects by the end, 
-i know that if we can keep prayer in our lifes that we WILL be blessed... 
-i KNOW that God answers my prayers, and i KNOW that He will answer yours... 
* -i challenge any who read this, to kneel down and pray, pray the real desires of your heart, and when you recieve your answer, ACT on it, dont let that feeling go. 
this is a simple challenge that is extended to ALL that reads this... this isnt spam i promise... i have tried it, you should too...  have a amazing night! and a amazing day!!!!

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