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Letter from Daniel, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013


How are you?  Sorry for this letter not getting to you, been running around working since we got here.  I hope you liked your e-mail!  :)
This area is going to be difficult, but I keep my Patriarchal Blessing close and that gives me hope.  Your probably wondering how I am writing if I am busy?  I'm sitting in the zone van heading back to Patchouli from a regular one hour drive one way, without traffic.... yeah.... been driving for about two hours and only half way there...   :(

My new companion and my father (aka trainer), is Elder Jolley.  He has an awesome story.
When he was 12 he became less active.  At 18 he left home, drank, did drugs then one day he decided to go back to church.  He heard a testimony about baptism.  From that day, he cleaned up, didn't touch any of it ever again.  Cleaned up for the next 6 months then came out on a mission.
He is super cool and a good friend...  You don;t realize what friends you have until they aren't around.  My old district was so cool!!

Recent happenings,
I seen my old companion today!
        He is serving in city, he loves it and is working hard...
We gave the Sister missionaries home a dedication and blessing.
I have my first PI appointment Tuesday!!!  :)
I found out I will be getting an I-Pad, so I get to skype at Christmas!  So inform everyone!  I hope to see everyone!!
I will try to take pictures for ya'll   :)
They have guitars here  ^_^  It made my day.
It gets chilly, but I have a medium fleece coat and an overcoat for Sundays.
I had a slice of New York pizza, pretty good!

Been feeling home sick these past few days....
And so has Elder Jolley, he got back from surgery on his knee the same time as me, so we talk a lot about it.  I hear it is normal for the first six weeks... 
I miss familiarity,  haha I sound stupid, but I do....

But as I close this letter, I hope and pray for your well-being as well as all the family. (Yeah mom, this does include Allie, I hope you don't mind.)

I hope to hear from ya'll sooner than later.  I can ALWAYS use a letter and a prayer.

Tell Spencer I love him and that I hope he took my challenge, there is a huge reward for him.  Tell Jaz that I miss her and to always work hard and to the both of them to always work towards their ambitions and to ALWAYS remember who all gifts, blessings and life comes from and that Heavenly Father loves them.

I love you mom, thanks for everything and for believing in me.

Your son and favorite Elder,

Elder Buffington

P.S.  Sorry for the sloppy writing.  :-)

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