Monday, March 3, 2014

Email, Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello again my dear family!
   I hope all of you has had a epic week! It's time to catch y'all up
on events that has happened recently,
   -I have been out for 6months, and it seems like forever, but it
also seems like yesterday that I left, I have defiantly grown, just
not in the journal section, I write occasionally I might fill my
journal by the end of my mission at this rate :p haha but oh well I
can always do better,
   -I have been finding the answers to my prayers, and as a background
story to this, we were told that 4/5 baptisms are from former
investigators, and so we have been trying hard to find them, and catch
them when they are home, and so this past week we were looking up some
formers, when it is supper cold and windy out, (typical NY day here in
the winter, and the summer is just the opposite) and we were gonna
knock one las door before returning home from knocking on doors with
no answers, and the last door was opened the door! We were so
thrilled, and to top the cake, they let us in and we had a long
conversation of this older gentle mans life, he came to america with
nothing at all, and now he has reaped his reward and has been thanking
god every day for everything! And now he wants to learn more! He has a
sister who joined the church with her husband down in Peru and he has
been once and the only thing holding him back (because he loved his
first visit) is that he feels guilty that he likes another religion
after being blessed go much while attending the Catholic Church, this
is a true blessing from god, we caught him at the perfect moment! (And
as a added bonus he wants to learn how to play guitar :) that's where
I got a friendship point haha)
   -my companion and I are teaching (well the spirit teaches but you
understand what I mean) amazing people almost twice a week, and we see
how the trust they have in us is helping out the work, with one,
Guillermo since we started teaching him, his lllooonnnggggtime less
active mother is coming back to church! Guillermo is going to be
baptized on the 30th of this month.  Ignacio is soooo cool, he is a
gentleman in his 50s 60s and is sooooo funny, in our last appointment
right before Hermana Luz joined us to begin the lesson, he lays on the
floor, and then tells my companion, ayuda me hermano, help me brother,
then continues to ask him to step on his back! Hahahaha then after, he
just layed there, and slept, for about 10 minuets, hahahaha but the
rest of his family lives in Texas where they are now being taught!
Which by what the elders there are saying, is a HUGE deal in the
mission, and is being talked about a lot! And that is what is keeping
him from baptism, he wants to fly his family to NY to see his baptism,
to be an example :) but my companion and I are for sure that his
family will be baptized before him, maybe we will skype his both ways!
         -and the rest of the people we have taught are just awesome
and full of interesting stories!
   -transfer callllllllsssss! I am staying, in fact the ENTIRE zone is
staying, besides one person, and do you want to know who it is? It is
Hermana Palu, so sad, wish everyone could stay, we surpassed the goal
for baptisms for the first time in the history of the mission that
anyone knows of! And it just keeps getting more and more baptisms,
mainly in the Chinese program, but yeah my companion and I are staying
together!!!!! Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the first time I
get a companion for more than one transfer!!!! Celebration time!
   -I finished the book Jesus the Christ, wonderful! I love it sooooo much!

Well, I can't think of anything else big, I know my Redeemer lives! I
know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, I love y'all
and I pray for y'all often,
I miss all of you,
Especially you two mom and dad! Hope you enjoy the email!

Keep Classy ;)

Your friend
Elder Buffington.

-From Elder Buffington from the iPad-

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