Monday, March 31, 2014

Email, Monday, March 31, 2014

    How are you all? I am well! A little wet, and right now, it's
snowing? Haha but thank goodness it isn't sticking.  Well now is time
to tell you about my week, a crazy event happened Saturday! We
participated in the ground breaking of the new church!!! This one is
supper dangerous, and so we will be able to hold more people, and it
will have a gym! I think I will be here in New York, to see it
completed.  Yesterday was fun, church was awesome, then after the
members broke out the cake, coke, and ice tea wait what?! Yeah they
didn't know that THAT kind of ice tea is against the word of wisdom
haha, and then found out that one of our investigators went missing,
so we tried looking, but he was nowhere to be found, so we go back to
the church and then go to our dinner appointment at the Carpentero
family (my favorite family here I think, or at lease one of the top
families here) and I did well a and impressed them with how much
Spanish I have learned haha so I am improving!!. Then we dropped back
our apartment, and got a txt that our investigator was back home (the
reason why we were worried is cause he has been super sick recently,
he has really bad diabetes, and has blackouts) so that was a relief,
so we then received a call for a less active sister that has been
super sick that needed a blessing, so we went there, and on the way I
seen someone that I felt I needed to talk to, she had made eye contact
with me, so I eventually talked to her found out she had already met
the zone leaders, and she is now wanting to investigate the church!
Yay! So then we give a blessing and on the way home we hear thunder!
And see a lightning flash, two times, but at was it, it was a sound I
missed hearing, and so it sparked up a conversation with the bus
driver, which was wayyyyyy cooool, and it was a seed planter for sure
:) and so that was my week, all summed up into two days, haha
So tell me about y'alls week, any sweet news, how's the bird? How is
the family??? Jasmine straitening up? Work for everyone is great?

Well I can't think of anything y'all might be interested in so I will
end the note here!

I love you all! Y'all are the best!

Elder Buffington!

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