Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Email, Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer 8, week one,
Well transfer meeting is tomorrow, and after the meeting, i will have my 7th companion and eighth transfer :P  but hey i have some questions to answer!
Question one, how is the mish going?
Answer one, amazing!  Incredible and nothing like i ever imagined! (Not because of location) new york is like serving the "Earth" mission, where i am, you can travel to india, then then the next street starts south america, in the mission their are many countries represented, and when i say that, i mean store signs, music playing on the street, the language everyone speaks, is all the the same in the areas, spanish, chinese, Arabic, russian, indian, other slavic languages, its crazy, but here is just spanish and arabic.  Its weird what the mission does to you, how it can show you the culture of other countries, other people, and the love you feel for them is just magnified, i can honestly say if there is just one thing i have learned on my mission, it is charity, to look down the street, bus, subway, and see someone you dont know, and imagine them in the temple, the happiness of their lives with the gospel, then the love for people you teach, i never thought this would be this amazing! Im learning more spanish here than flushing! I never knew what to expect from another language, but when i hear Chinese my ears almost.. Cringe (if that is possible) but with spanish it feels like home, like a natural language to me, then not hearing stuff in english, and not having to translate because its something i just know, like bautismo es solo bautismo, im not good at spanish but im to the point i understand most of it, i have come to the sad conclusion that i can translate in my head cause it takes to long, so i must think in spanish, so i am okay with that.
Question 2 what is the weirdest thing i have eaten?
Answer two.. This is a hard one that i need to think of, the first thing that comes to mind is a columbian hot dog, we didnt have the complete thing  but the adds on it are, mayo, ketchup, and strawberry jam :) super good! The full thing has bacon, cheese, pineapple, potato chips, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and jam :) sounds amazing hu? But i think that is the weirdest thing i have consumed, i have had pupusas, empanadas, we are going to have brazilian food at a members house that their son just came home from his mission from são palo, so we are buddies now XD  
So we had a sweet experience this week, i went on a half-day exchange with one of the zone leaders, and we were heading to the last appointment, hermana Aquino's bodega, and it started to storm super bad, and as soon as we got to the store, it POURED rain, with thunder and lightning, so no one came in, so we used this as a chance to share a good scripture, and commit to reading the libro de mormón.  And it was amazing, she is a non member, with a daughter on a mission, god was on our side that night, we could see she felt the spirit, 

So next time yall hear from me, i will have a new companion!
I love you all!
Keep in touch and send this to those that i dont have a address to :) 
Your missionary out in the field
Elder Daniel Buffington
A nice view of the skyline and queens, rego park! :) fourth of july! (The big tower to the left is freedom tower, and the other to the right is the empire state building!

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