Monday, July 14, 2014

Email, Monday, July 14, 2014

Its that time of the week again! MONDAY!!! Alot has happened, so i
hope i have the patience to write it all down (and i had to ask my
companion to spell patience for me cause i couldn't remember how to
spell it...)

Okay well to start, i got a new companion, (transfer 8 companion 7,
not including MTC companion) so im praying that we stay together for a
while, his name is Elder Trujillo, he was born in Colombia, about 45
minuets away from Cali, then when he was 8 he moved to florida, so i
have a native companion! :) and im in the best area to learn spanish,
so it should skyrocket now! :) which i guess it has cause i talk to
members alot, plus i have a native companion which is helping me, so i
might also get a columbian accent! Yay! I would be okay with it!

Sadly enough the world cup is over... But its okay, every one is happy
here :) columbia had a chance but one of the refs were paid off, so he
was suspended, and brazil got what was coming to them, :) and our
heritage won the cup, so its all good here :)

We didnt have too many appointments work out this week but we set up
something like 6 dinner appointments in the next week, and we might be
getting 3 new investigators, my companion and i have done quite a bit,
we started the first district street sweep that has happened here in
more than 2'transfers, so we are on fire right now :)  and we have a
large district, 4 companionships!

So there was a fundraiser this friday and we were asked to do a skit,
but then yesterday, the lady told us that it was moved to this
tuesday! And every other companionship have appointments! So my
companion and i get to do three musical numbers, but it is okay, we
got two missionaries from the other area to help us :) so a little but
of crazyness is running around :P

I love each of you, and i think of yall often, and its weird to think
that im almost half way done... Its going too fast and i want it to
slow a little so i can learn more!

the symbol to the left is the baptism symbol in the steamed wall, yay for baptisms!

 i love NY!/ i baptize New York ;)

quote of the week :)

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