Monday, July 21, 2014

Email, Monday, July 21, 2014

Ola amigos fieles! 
This has been a crazy week! Well our friday night talent show was moved to tuesday, so we practiced a lot for that, Elder Trujillo is super good at the clarinet so we did good :) but the day after my voice was scratchy, then thursday it was hardly there, so i dont think it was me sining but yesterday i started coughing on top of it... sooo i stocked up on cough drops, yay! Cause i dont know how to stop it... And i cant figure out how i got it, or what it is.. Hmmm

But we have been doing alot of member visits! Cause a guy moved here from florida, right from the ward my companion is from! So they were best friends right off the bat.  But we took him and another youth to a members house so he could talk and get to know people.  

One thing about my mission, is i am learning to "pound" food!  Speaking of food... Picture time!

1) breakfast appointment at the home of the Morales family (minus Archie their dog) 
2) the food we ate, (pancakes, awesome amulets, beans, and churiso (that is how its written in spanish... Cause i cant get the red line thats telling me its not spelled correctly off)
3) at the park with Cisco waiting for people to show them where the church is :)

But i have been learning alot recently, about humility, and the atonement, and im learning that i really dont know much about either... The more i search, the more i learn.. And it is incredible! 
My spanish is increasing... I have been adopted into the columbian culture haha!  
Doing splendid, besides this annoying cough 
OH! I AM LEARNING A LITTLE SIGN LANGUAGE TOO! There is a sister in our district that her first language is ASL, and now she is speaking spanish :)  wayyyy fun!

Well i love you all! 
Thanks for all your support!
Elder Buffington

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