Thursday, September 4, 2014

Email, Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello and get readdy for a crazy week, i will probably get a ear full,
or a eye full if that makes any sense at all, buttttttt here we go...
Well i had a interesting week, im super excited to share it,
Okay monday, to start the day we went with two youth to a gym, (first
time in a while for me haha) and worked out, needless to say i was
sore till Friday... We went to chipotle, which is like a moe's to what
i understand, pretty good and a huge burrito, after we were invited to
Applebee's for a elders birthday, my comp and i were stuffed already
so we just went for moral support, we just got a drink :) it was fun,
we (a bunch of missionaries i am friends with and i) are going to
celebrate my birthday with a tradition from flushing, 5guys, large
fries and a drink, yummmm it will be super fun, but here comes a fun
story, tuesday..... We had district meeting, which afterward we had a
late lunch, then we left for a appointment, as we left i felt normal,
just my cough but nothing out of the ordinary, we were heading towards
corona when i felt like i had a bubble in my stomach, kinda like a
burp that wont come out, so i felt like this on the m train to catch
the 7, so we reach the platform, and i lean against a beam, i started
feeling a little more sick, i offered a silent prayer to help me feel
better, but i started feeling worse, the train was starting to pull up
when my hearing went away, but not completely, the train stopped and
everything was getting fuzzy and i started becoming dizzy, i grab my
companions shoulder and told him that i couldn't go on, so we started
to call the district leader, but we couldn't get them, so we called
the zone leaders, to request a emergency exchange, we make our way to
the wall slowly, im pale and stuff is getting supper fuzzy and hard to
focus on, i feel a hand on my shoulder grabbing my shirt to help me
along to the wall, i m pretty sure it is my companions hand, so i
reach the wall and im starting to fade, so i squat down, cause in my
head im freaking out a little cause the ground if filthy, there are
people everywhere, and i dont want to go to the hospital, after a
little bit of this, i slowly come to my senses, or become conscious
one of the two, and i start to feel better, i stayed there cause i was
drained from it, so the zone leaders find us and we exchange and i go
home, i rest for a while, and we try to leave and do some work, so we
visit a less active guy, he is about my age, and when we got there, he
informs us that his brother and sister just left of a base ball game,
so we chat with him, and it ended up being a lesson, and a realllly
good one too,i guess we had to be there, so the lord had a little bit
of fun, so my companion and i have a inside joke of i almost died on
the 7train haha and that night we were talking about it, the hand that
grabbed my shirt when we were going to the wall wasn't him, but he
also told me that when we were at the wall, he was holding me up by
the strap of my bag haha fun stuff... Well that was about it for the
super exciting time of the week,
But something else super duper awesome, is that Santiago came to
church today! So he will be baptized next Sunday!  How awesome is
that?! Im supppper excited! My companion and i are gonna play you
raise me up by josh groban,
and oh! I was reading in the book of mormon, Helaman 16:7 to be exact
about this epicness, okay so Samuel the Laminite was up on the wall
preaching and prophesying to the Nephites because they were being
wicked, even more wicked than the Lamenites, so the Nephites start
tossing rocks and shooting arrows at him, but because he is a Ninja
and was on the Lords errand he was protected by the Holy Ghost, so
when the people saw he couldn't be hit they were going to grab him,
but this is where stuff gets fun, he "cast himself off the wall" okay
now wait, your trying to tell me he just jumped off the wall all willy
nilly  (view pic one) and managed to get away...  he has to be a
parkour master/Ninja, soooo change of plans, i want to be like Samuel
and do parkour too while preaching the restored gospel! Hahaha i cant
wait to jump down a fifty foot wall like its nothing :) (i know i
know, yall are saying to your selfs, it is just a picture Daniel, it
was only like 12' (i am imagining myself like Dagget in Angry Beavers
when he is a secret agent from the near future, and he uses a
grappling hook to cross a 12" fence that is about 3' long :) good
times and that is how i would probably look, baybe replace the HUGE
bow tie for a regular classy tie, and a name tag) but it is still it
is EPIC!) And i wish i could be like him :)

Okay the other pictures, picture two is another peruvian dish (from
las sierras (the mountains)) the one the other day was from the coast
Picture three is a lady from brazil! So elder vi, this lady and i had
a tri lingual chat, i spoke portuguese /spanish, Elder Vi spoke
spanish, this lady spoke English spanish and portuguese! Haha wayy fun

And we are doing two musical numbers in a week :) one for the baptism
Sunday, and the other is Thursday for mega zone conference the
fourth... Im anxious for it but all good

Well i think that thats about it!
I love yall! And am praying for yall! Im so glad that we can be
together forevers!
Your son/brother/friend (unfortunately yes forever haha )
Elder Daniel Buffington

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