Monday, January 12, 2015

Email, Monday, January 12, 2015

Week four completed and i cant believe its already week five now, the
days are hard and long, but crazy fast weeks, we are already in the
middle of the month, but last week seems like FOREVER ago,
This week was crazy too! We are defiantly blessed! We have been bold
with even more love than before, and we are seeing the blessings from
it! The walls of a very long time less active committed to coming to
church, peoples hearts softening to accept a challenge to be baptized
by someone who holds the authority of God! And speaking of authority,
we found out the name of the new mission president, Gary Reynolds, and
he enters 21 days before i see y'all again ;) the lord has blessed me
with the spirit of comfort because i was worried about the fact that
he wouldn't know me and would know my struggles and strengths, but im
confident that he is a called servant of our loving Heavenly Father.
It will be sad to see President Calderwood leave, but he has done so
much for us, and we have been the cause of his grey hairs xD (little
joke of ours)

I am doing well! My spanish is doing well :) surprisingly, (looking at
my spanish beofre the mission, i was hopeless to say the least) (gift
of toungs is real) im blessed everyday!

Your missionary,
Elder Buffington

I have two more pictures for yall so stay tuned ;)

Mira! Mira! Mira! Fotos!
Ok, foto uno! We found my dream car :))))))))) mmmmmmmmm

Foto dos! It was MAD BRICK (super cold in the New York language) in
our pad, so, studies in warmth :)

Foto tres! Using the ketchup! :) i had to "crissen" the bottle :)

Ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce you to the best challenge ever! Its the nugget challenge,
50 nuggets, large drink, 20 minutes

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