Monday, January 26, 2015

Email, Monday, January 26, 2015

Well, i know i am blessed
I have amazing friends,
I have a amazing family, both there at home and here on the mission,
I have a amazing and merciful father in heaven,
I have a testimony of this,

Yesterday (Sunday morning) we had a sweet experience, we had a
potential lesson to go to, and when we got there, he wasn't home, so
we called him up, he wasn't home but at the park two seconds away, so
we sat with him for a hour before church and just talked to him, found
out more about him, and how pure in heart he is! The only road block,
his wife, she is catholic and doesn't want to change, yet, he is
trying his hardest to convince her to try the church, but she isn't
wanting to budge, (might teach her the Ten Commandments and pointing
out to not worship any graven image, or do not put any god before the
father :) hahah it worked before, with Olga! He didn't go to church,
he had to take care of his twin three year old daughters, they are so

So i got the treats! Thank you! The moon pies brought back sweet
memories ( haha pun) :) and the orange, we are enjoying it :) got
jasmines letter, a's and b's?! Wooohoooo! And Spanish CP?! These might
be grounds for una Dádiva! But when i will give it to you I'm not
sure, maybe in my next package, but i will let you know, any
preferences? Mom? You have any ideas? Haha

Every week is a new adventure! I love y'all! So excited to see y'all!
Less than 6 months left, I'm excited but I'm scared, i don't want to
come home cause i love New York, i love the people here, i love
Spanish people, i am thinking about attending the Spanish branch when
i get home, we will see,

Your bestest best missionary in the whole wide world! (That is serving
during "The hastening of His work"
-Elder Bufí (Buffington)-

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