Monday, January 19, 2015

Email, Monday, January 19, 2015

This has been a awesome week! We had two exchanges, one with the district leader and one with the zone leaders, both went well,  had super cool moments and good food, :) 
Ya know, i wish i had faith like alma and amulek and the ability to follow the spirit so perfectly like chapter 14 of Alma, one of my top favorite scriptures, they go teach the people, they start to believe, and then the villains bind alma and amulek and force them to watch as the wives and children of the believers are burned by fire, here is the prophet he has the power of god, and yet he does nothing, but gives a sweet promise to amulek, that they will be recieved by their loving father in heaven in glory, which reminds me of a scripture, in Matthew chapter 10 verse 39, it says (something to the effect of) whosoever shall lose his live for my sake, the same shall find it.  
Oh! Did i tell yall i am finally doing my studies in Spanish now? Its funny, i never expected knowing Spanish to feel like this, like its like a home like feeling, to be able to understand Spanish is crazy, i have been blessed with the change, but yeah! Did yall hear about google translate? You can use the camera option and point it at a Spanish word or sentence, anything of the sort really, and it translates it right there on the screen! Pretty crazy! It isnt perfect but its progress! How was yalls week? I got a letter from Jeff and Lindsay and their family, and all i have to say is STOP GROWWINGGGGGGGG and thank you so much! :) how old is everyone now? 
Oh and my secret santa is not finished yet, but it will be definitely worth the wait! I had som new ideas to add to it :) so random recipient prepare yourself :)

I love yall! Stay classy, stay yourselfs, god made you to be you! 

Elder Daniel Buffington ;)

Pic 1) they new google translate feature! (Not perfect but definitely progress!

Pic 2) we have a attention issue haha weekly planning for the win!

Pic 3) some Po-Tay-Toes ya know, boil em mash em stick em in a stew? And pork :)

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