Monday, February 23, 2015

Email, Monday, February 23, 2015

Helllo from the brick of NY
We had a goooood week, we got to skype Olgita! I got to go to the
temple which was amazing, and we did alot of look ups this week, which
we gave two solid potentials to the sisters which should turn out well
:) im in love with my mission, im finally able to speak my mind
comfortably to people, and my companion is doing awesome! His spanish
is wayyyyyyyy better than mine when i was in my first area! Even by
the time i ended my first area, still, it feels weird being the more
experienced in spanish, it helps me realize that i have come so far,
but it also is a double edged sword, cause there are times where my
companion asks me for a word and i get nervous and forget the word,
but i now have a tendancy of when im not focusing on language, i
generaly speak in spanish.

But look! Pictures
Oooooooohhh ahhhhhhhh

1) and 2) temple trip! (About four degrees without wind in account)

3) Olgita!!

4) only in NY will a building have two adresses, yes it says AKA xD (i
died of laughter)

Have a beautiful week!
Love yall!
-Elder BufĂ­ (Buffington)-

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