Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Email, Monday, April 6, 2015

well this week flew by! we had some funny times, so during this week
we have been having a competition to see who could share the video "he
lives" more, so each view is for each person who saw the video, so
yesterday was the last day for it, we went to the park because it was
a BEAUTIFUL evening after conference, we got 7 by the time we got into
the park, and the other elders haven't had luck but they had went up
ahead because we were talking to a (now) potential investigator couple
that are golden (in fact we will be having a lesson with them Sunday
evening)! when we finished talking to them we set out to see how the
others were doing when we saw a big crowd of people, we counted 8
people watching the other set of elders video and we had figures that
they shared it more, so we saw a couple of skaters, we shared it with
them and had a awesome discussion on the side walk, (score now 10-~8)
so we weren't about to lose ;) so as we were walking we saw a HUGE
family, i looked at my companion, as he told me "they look Spanish" i
replied, "should i?" he responded "yeah!" so we went and they agreed
to watch the video, but before i started i asked if the rest of the
family would like to see, so they gathered everyone around my mini
iPad and watched the video, (score now 30-~8) it was a family of 20
and there were more that didn't watch the video! the other elders were
flipping out because they saw the group we fearlessed! xD
Humberto came to conference! he loved it! but he didn't hear President
Monsons talk so he is excited to hear and learn more about those

so pictures are of Conference and haircuts earlier this week!

i love you all! y'all are on my mind oft, i have a firm testimony that
families are meant to be eternal! that God loves us, and knows us
better than we know ourselves, He has a plan for us, and that plan has
been revealed to us by a Prophet. i know that we have a prophet on the
earth today that is leading us.  for those with doubts, doubt them,
the fullness of the gospel is housed in the church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints!

with love,
Elder Daniel Buffington

 look the district Easter Pic!

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