Monday, April 13, 2015

Email, Monday, April 13, 2015

hello there,
this week was pretty pleasant, from a great lesson with a less active
family, to stake conference!
we are teaching a beautiful family that have been trying to return to
activity, they want to be sealed but they must wait till the father
has a interview for the bishop so he can hold the higher priesthood,
and some minor stuff, but we will always have a lesson Monday nights,
so that is great! they are trying for the end of June, so fingers
crossed for them, also we had stake conference, super good, translated
for the first time, super hard, found out my mind doesn't work that
easily to translate but it was only for one person, and i got to
paraphrase a lot, still the people that translate are awesome!
we got some good pictures, i love Brooklyn,
and we found a lot of cool stickers, like like these two, (because i
am terrible at journal writing i have started making sticker pages
from the back and working to the front, hoping to fill the book by the
end of the mission... i have 6.5 front and back pages of stickers that
i have found in Brooklyn, its pretty funny cause we were pealing a
sticker off of a stop sign when a random guy was telling us that
vandalism is against the law, but we reassured him that we were taking
the stickers off the sign, and he told us that was a good thing and
that vandalism is bad haha :)
the preceding pictures are from downtown Brooklyn, by the Marriott by
the Brooklyn bridge, which Marriott is owned by a mormon, so in every
room is a copy of the book of mormon :)
but the last one is from the priesthood and adult sessions of stake
conference after it all we had dinner as a zone wooo! plus a lady that
the english sisters are teaching

well that is all i got for yall, we are going to see the Statue of
Liberty so i hope to get a picture or two for that for yall, i am
thinking about yall! cause i love yall, (that is a lot of yalls even
for me) i know that christ lives! he leads and guides the church in
these last days!

have a blessed week!
Elder Daniel Buffington

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