Monday, May 25, 2015

Email, Monday, May 25, 2015

hey yall! 
i hope you all are doing great! cause i am! :) okay to start, i had a tender mercy from the lord when last Monday during soccer I collided with a bigger guy and his knee hit the side of my leg, so that was hurting and i couldn't bend my leg very well, but i still worked hard durning the week and it is all better now! yay! i felt like it could have been easily worse.  also this week we had the missionary activity night, it was a talent show, not too many people came but it was good for those who came. (that was another worry from the leg thing, that I wouldn't be able to do the act we had) and then yesterday we had the "missionary day" so i got to speak on missionary work, and it was my first "just quotes and bullets" talk given in Spanish, it went well. our Spanish (as a district) is improving, due to our 'Spanish week' so we can only speak Spanish to each other, which is helping me a lot to better my Spanish.  so our investigator Derek had his baptism interview and passed! he will be getting wet next Sunday, we hope by his father but it is up to him :) the work is good! we had a slow week but all in all it was awesome! we do alot of Less active work so i am getting ready for home ;) we have about five less actives that we are working with right now, they all are awesome! Oh! we had Zone Conference this week and my companionship was asked to give a workshop on Bold Invitations and it went really well.  ummm i think that is it :) today we are at a Mets Game! Woooo! the NYMets vs. the Phillies! :) (Jonathan I apologize but NY will have it in the bag :) )

i believe that is all for now, i will place some pictures now and end but i want yall to know that the Lord is loving, and we also have a loving heavenly father, so no matter what, you aint alone ;) i love yall!

Elder Bufi

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