Monday, June 1, 2015

Email, Monday, June 1, 2015

hey y'all! 
another week down in the amazing Brooklyn NY and we are reaping the rewards, yesterday a child of god started his road to return to live with our loving father in heaven, and i had the honor of baptizing Derek, he is a awesome kid, and an ever more amazing family.  our next step with this family is getting them sealed together forever! yay! i love families!

also a couple from my last area were married and sealed in the temple, and hey had there party-thingy-after-the-wedding- that-i-dont-know-what-to-call-it.... here in Dyker Heights! so it was awesome to see my extended family! 

i also got ahold of a old family in Flushing that i used to teach and i set a p day to go and visit them, they were there when i only spoke Portuguese, so on the 14 i will be visiting them! yay! 

this week my companion got sick, so we stayed inside and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, (the pad was gross when i got here) i scrubbed the floor with a nail brush, i rearranged my part of the pad.  wrote a letter to mom.  learned a new song i want to play and send y'all a recording of. so yeah, i almost lost my insanity.. 

we have a new Ward coordinator here and he has a good fire with him, so we are supper excited! 

i believe that is it for the week, i hope all is well at home with yall! know that i love yall so much! 

Elder Daniel Buffington 

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