Monday, May 4, 2015

Email, Monday, May 4, 2015

may the fourth be with you! #StarWarsDayNY2015

hey yall!
its start of week two and i am in my new area! a lovely place in
Brooklyn called Dyker Heights! a lot of Chinese people, but equally as
many spanish peeps! so im super excited, i feel... different, from
other areas, maybe its hitting me that I'm leaving in a matter of
weeks, i have worked hard my entire mission, but this feels different,
i don't want to leave with regrets i guess, i love these people, and i
can hardly remember their names, (yeah the struggle is real :D) but
this is my final sprint i guess, and to be honest, if president
calderwood asked me to stay, i would say yes, the mission is just
getting good, i can speak the language, i know the material, but that
is just how the cookie crumbles.. these are so far the best two years,
and i know this is just preparing me for my own family, to be the best
father, husband, and son i can possibly be.  than yall for the support
yall have graciously given me!
now, to respond to some questions,
i am not a district leader anymore, but president calderwood has told
me that i was a leader for a long time before the calling, and im in
the area to help this district out.
my companions name is elder Oaks, (some how related to the apostle I
believe its great uncle?)

1) panorama of a view point where we like to fearless families
2) service place, mom! looks like your kind of department (att dept of aging)
3) us saying goodbye to families
4) us catching a ride with our bishop!

yall are amazing!
till next week ;) stay chill!

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