Monday, June 29, 2015

Email, Monday, June 29, 2015

T Minus 3 weeks and counting

hey yall!
we had a cool week!

monday we went to the Brooklyn bridge to take some pictures, following we went to Rego Park to visit a member that i taught back when i was there, super fun, then that night we had a noche de hogar with the second councilor and his family! (Sister Galindo has a lot of respect for you and how many children you had :D ) 

Tuesday we had a lesson with a less active but he couldn't have us over so we were stuck at the church building for a couple of moments when a tender mercy happened, a couple walked in to the building that wanted to learn more, she speaks broken English, Spanish, but speaks good Portuguese and her native language is french. he is from Mexico and only speaks Spanish, but they are good friends, and he wanted to learn about the church cause he wants to change, we taught them and they accepted the baptism invitation! yay!

Wednesday we taught a less active that doesn't want to act on his faith but with the lessons we have been having, we are hoping to soften his heart. and after that another member invited us over, they are an amazing family and they told me that i have a place to stay when i come to visit! :) 

Thursday we taught the Castro family! they are such a great family and have such faith! even while the husband works Hermana Castro and her son still come to church! they plan on going to the english building because trains are out of service and they would take 2 hours to travel to church while the english building is a couple blocks away! they understand english but are more comfortable in Spanish but they will do great! 

Friday my companion was sick and i went with the other elders on splits so we could be doing work. That night we were at the church and we helped with youth night, there were s'mores... i miss camping... but we were asked to help with another activity the following morning.

Saturday we had the youth activity thing where we did this Zumba beginner thing, did scripture study, and following was a awesome breakfast.  then a testimony segment where i got to share the story of my mission then after all that, we went to play soccer! woooo! we also taught english class, then went to the pad so Elder Carrero could sleep some, then we ate and went to ward correlation meeting.

Sunday we had CHURCH!!! a member introduced us to a friend of his and she wants to take the lessons because she loved sacrament meeting! super cool! we went home for some study time, came back to the church for a lesson and he didn't show up, so we talked with the member that wanted to help us about Midwood and what is needed there because he is part of some youth presidency or something like that so he will be visiting there soon.

just a sick week in NY time is picking up quickly so i am working even harder now, to make the most of the time that i have.  the work is great! i love the mission, i am finally comfortable with how much time i have, i am past the denial stage and now I'm comfortable :) i just wanted to say thank you for making a difference in my life.  if you are reading this, you obviously care about me (or your a stranger snooping over my shoulder doubt it) and so i know that you have helped me in my pursuit of trying to become better :) 
so i hope you know i pray for you! 

Elder Daniel Buffington
pic one.. so i gave him medicine... it wasn't the day time kind

pic two. Bridge. tower of freedom. me :P

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