Monday, June 22, 2015

Email, Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!

hey yall, 
Satan has been working hard! but we have been working harder, we are at the verge of Big Changes! this week is all goes well we will go from 0 investigators to 7!!! Three beautiful families, the first family actually found the Chinese missionaries, and the father has been less active sense he was thirteen and he wants to come back, he has a wife and kids now! the second we found for a while but every Sunday when he doesn't have work something has come up (darn satan leave them alone) its a husband and wife that used to have the missionaries over in their country all the time, super cool family, and the final family is a less active that the son is 11 and isn't baptized so we want to work with him ^_^!
so we had some good stuff happen, last Monday we visited flushing to a old family that we visited, committed them to go get sealed by the end of the year, and they agreed and are working for it, i miss and love that family, and it turns out that they knew the Martinez family and there kids played together! the crazy things that happen when you go back to a old area finally being able to speak the language and understand whats going on.  
my companion and i are getting along well and are doing better at speaking Spanish all the time! every day is a new adventure! i feel like this has been a hard working transfer, and we are starting week three :( 
some fun stuff is happening, that yall get to see! 
-we start the next round of online pros! which brigs me to the next topic, rules... please keep messages to email ONLY :) this is a tool to teach, inspire, and friendship people here in my mission (NYNYS) 
-4 weeks!
-thats all i can remember... #ADDProbs

now i just wanted to take a moment to dedicate a second to dad... Hi! Love you.. okay now im good, no just kidding, dad i love you so much and hope you had a splendid fathers day! i would have made crapes or something for breakfast but yeah... im many miles away from yall :)  but thanks for everything! let me know if you want anything from NY.

well thats all folks, love you all! keep the faith! yall the best! 

elder daniel buffington

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