Monday, October 13, 2014

Email, Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey yall! 
    I just want to start by saying i love yall! And these next three months are gonna be crazily blessing filled! And it already has! Okay soThursday we had presidents interviews, which i look forward to, but some interesting stuff is happening, so to begin with, i am acting as district leader with my companion, so i go to leaders meetings with him, and we had a combined interview, i have never heard of this before... Have yall? Well we also have in this mission whats called 5-5-5, so our yearly goal is 500 baptisms - 5000 church attendance - 500 RC/LAs to the temple and we only had 300~ 3600~ 200~ ish last year so we were stunned by this, right now we need 260 baptisms our highest mission attendance was 4200~ and we have somthing like 450 RC/LAs to the temple, so president has our combined interview and writes up the wards goal, 5-8(meaning 8 returning to church)-5 and president asks us how many people are in the borders of Rego Park 2, we reply "a lot" and he then asks us, how many are spanish, we reply that most are spanish, he then looks at the numbers on the board and says from all of these i dont think these are the lords numbers, so he told us to pray with great faith, and to seek how many people for each category the Lord wants us to find, baptize, re activate, and take to the temple, and our original quarter goal was 2-2-4, when we prayed we discovered we were holding ourselves back, and our goals for this quarter is 5-7-8, which when we saw this we got nervous but then we got fired up and we have a new investigator this week, and we have a possibility of three more this week, but i testify that the adversary is working his hardest right now, and it is sooo apparent, it is so true that the family is under attack, and we all need to hold fast to our testimonies, we all need to do a self check and reinforce our testimonial fortresses, but i also know that our father in heaven is working just as hard thru his missionaries, (us all) oh, go watch Meet the Mormons, today if possible! 
We saw it at transfer meeting, way gooooooooood, sooo  i had a experience on the train, and i was shocked but it was still awesome, there was a man on the subway, i sat across from him and looked around me to find someone to talk to, i saw him looking at my tag and back to me, so I engaged him in a conversation asking about his book he had on his lap, he kind of ignored my question and requested that i look up Acts 18:9-11, before i could pull my ipad out to read it, supposing it to be something rebuking me or something another along those lines, (something (spiritual prompting) thing then pressed me to read it then and i was curious) but before i could get to it, he got up came over leaned down and conveyed the lines paraphrasing "be not afraid, but speak, for the lord is on your side, no man will hurt thee." Told me that im doing a good work, Then he shook my hand, told me his name and walked off the subway saying god bless you. I barely got to say thank you, Pretty epic hu? But yeah, we are seeing tons of tender mercies, and we are looking everywhere for people, oooh another scripture i recommend for every missionary, is Mathew 7:7, it is meant for missionaries, we have it written on our mirror, 

Crazy stuff is going down, and im soooooo excited for it! 
Yall are the best family ever! And pst, yall should do the family reunion when i get home in july ;) just saying..

I guess thats all, till next week, 
Elder Daniel Buffington 

Oh! Wait why is my writing red, is it red to yall? What is this?????!!!!! 
Well cant figure this out,  this just randomly changes....
Oh look pictures! 
Pic one and two is the before and after pf making agua panela 
Pic three is of Mangu! A Dominican dish of mash potato styled plantains and summer sausage yummmmmmmmy, (only when eaten together) 
Okay ill leave now :)

-Elder Bufí (Buffington)- 

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