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Email, Monday, October 6, 2014

GENERAL CONFERENCE... THAT WAS TOTALY WICKED!!! -young boy on trike from the incredibles
Well i must go backwards in the week cause well thats me, okay ...conference was indubitably (yes i know big words and im working on more) amazing and i found if you go humble and prepare yourself to learn from every talk, you will learn, thank you President Uchtdorf, i loved that talk from him, i want to get a copy of the ensign from this and study it for next conference but also i took elder Hollands talk seriously and gave blood between sending session and priesthood (new york blood center is high tech, they have these strip thingies that they use to take temperature) (they complemented my veins :) #BigVeins) priesthood was awesome of course, we got home at 10:45 it also didn't help we caught the wrong subway and took a scenic rout.. Butttttttttt anyway :P and then sunday morning was cold and only got up to 61! Brrrrr (meanwhile in TX its ~100°F) 
Nothing really exciting happened this week, all of our investigators are good, OH thats something! So one of our investigators has a pastor life long friend, who told her that we believed that Joseph Smith was god, (but she told us it confused her cause when we taught her to pray it was to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ) soooo we are confident that she is deciding for herself what is true. 
But besides that all is well, my companion and i had a ummmmm interesting experience, so we were heading away from the church when we find this girl sobbing walking up the street going the opposite direction then we both stop (#sentimientosdelespíritu) turn around and ask her if she needs help, she is probably 10-12 ish and through her sobbing said yes, that she didnt know where she was, and she needed help finding her home, so we got directions and started on our way to the place she was meeting her foster mom, she is from long island, that was her first week there, soo we were getting closer and i kept thinking about you mom and how you would have acted, i thought it sooo clearly and i could practically hear your voice saying calm down its all okay, weird but we got here there and she remembered where she was, then we went to our lesson, :) another epic day and serving the people of NY, remember the lady that was struggling? We dropped by to fix her computer again... She doesn't understand pop ups, through her broken english, too funny :) but i stuck some church hymns on her computer that are beautifully arranged into guitar instrumentals, and she has texted every day sense thanking us for the music cause her son likes it, (and it invites the spirit into their home) he thinks its cool.. But yeaahhhhhh that is all for today, i might send more pictures :)

Till next time, stay classy, and real
Elder Daniel Buffington 

(Note from Crystal...Only 2 pictures were attached...but you can see what he meant to send : )
Pic1) dominican plate- rice, spaghetti, and chicken in a weird but yummy sauce
Pic2+3) we had lunch at a LA part member families home, and one of the sons is a sue chef so he made this, not sure if this is considered Mexican food, cause thats where they are from...
(Mashed potatoes had nutmeg)

-Elder Bufí (Buffington)- 

Pic 4) i donated blood, finally! It was supper quick, like 4-5 minutes, but yay!
Pic5) Saturday morning conference breakfast!

Pic6) okay so i got probably 75 or so of these, and this talk touched me alot, and made me think, am i a good son (both to my earthly parents, and to my heavenly ones)? Brother? Friend? Or as another well said quote askes the question, "Am i my brothers brother?" Im trying as hard as possible to be, im trying to make yall proud, as well as serve the Lord, be peoples friends they never had, and save families and their eternities... It isnt hard, but yall make it worth it, your never ending support is an inspiration to me, and serves as a catalyst to my 'fire' to work... I love each and every one of you! Never forget that you are loved by me, and your Father in Heaven! 


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