Monday, October 27, 2014

Email, Monday, October 27, 2014

It was another tough one this week, needless to say Satin is working at full throttle and does not want to let up, by the end of the night i just want to sleep, its physically draining, spiritually depleting, mentally exhausting, work, when you have stuff planned and you are ready to go with a lesson and they cancel, not because they don't want to have a lesson, but either their family is over to morn the death of a family member, because someone got in trouble, so they live with someone else in a completely different area, not with members either so getting missionaries over now is pretty much impossible. I want to say, i want to give up, but i know that is what Satin wants me to say, but it was just draining, then people just tell me all of their problems, which i do not mind, it helps them, but the only time away from all the troubles of the world, is with my guitar at my pad, practicing for anything, it has always been a release for me, i miss my guitars at home, not sure how they are doing, :P but i got mine here, which i enjoy playing! Which reminds me, in the upcoming weeks a video will be posted of a sister and i doing a duet of a song that she rewrote the lyrics to, the song 'falling slowly' and we will be posting it on FaceBook so keep your eyes peeled for it! Its crazy how your talent expands dramatically while you serve the Lord :) its sweet! Oh, EVERYONE needs to get the app DuoLingo to learn another Language, and then find me and follow me, and i will follow y'all back and we can all learn together, i defiantly recommend it! Email me your user name, or just look up 'danbuf' that one is mine :)

And thus another week has gone by! Press forward, siga adelante, les amo! 
Yall are awesome, stay that way, 
Your missionary in the field!
Elder Daniel Buffington 

Okay pictures
1) we made dinner, and these are plantains done right :) like a chip! Or a french fry! Combined
2) the senior couple that lives in the same building as us made cafe rio! I was stuffed, they use coke not dp, which is wierddd but it looks pretty,

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