Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Email, Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello how are yall?! 
Im doing well! Would someone please tell me who is telling the weather to be Bi-Polar? Its cold this morning, but tomorrow it wont :P  the temperature needs to make up its mind :P but this week was a lucha (si la lucha es real) besides a few experiences that make this week worth it all! So we had a fist lesson with a couple, the wife was the one in our potential list that answered and asked us to be there Tuesday to teach her, her husband, and her sister, supper exciting! So we get there and the sister couldn't be there, all good there, :) but we taught a sweet lesson and committed them to the 16th of November for their date of baptism, and they accepted and told us they wanted to first attend church, and have more lessons before they get baptized but accepted the date as a goal!! Yayyyyyy!! But yeah, our other investigator, Johanna couldn't be baptized this past Saturday so praying that we can establish another, she is ready, but we are seeing miracles! Saturday was a miracle day! So we had a street sweep talking to some interesting people, one of which had some interesting theorys about how no one was going to return to Heavenly Father, cause we are all sinners, so we talked alot about the plan of salvation, but on to the cool point of the day.... We went to go knock on doors and we found a nice building, so we tried, but there was no way in. Sooo we ended up crossing the street to a more sketchy building, and got in so we knock building from top to bottom so the top two floors were filled with scents of weed and annoying dogs barking, then on the 5th floor, we knock and everyone that we talked to wanted us to come back, so we have 5 different lessons set for this next week, super exciting! They all are families! Im super excited for tonights lesson cause the father almost let us in but the wife didnt want to cause they were eating food, but he shown interest. And the pictures for this week is in the next place i want to serve, Brooklyn, bushwick, :) its scary at times but people are alot nicer than you think, but this is a warehouse of studios, this one is super cool,  its walls are just a big graffiti attraction, and inside these are make you feel like you are in manhattan but really your in east NY Brooklyn, there are a couple that are nicer than others, The reason we were in Brooklyn is cause we were helping with Operation Shepard to find all their Less actives, we were helped by a huge Biker gang, they were super nice to us, we also met some sweet people, 
It was weird to see white people... 

But thats the news for the week, went by quick, we are seeing blessing

Your Misionero 
Elder Daniel Buffington 

So i was re reading and the pictures part didnt make sense, the inside
of the studios are super noce and classy, like manhattan but as soon
as you walk in to a Hall your back in brooklyn.. That sounds better

-Elder Bufí (Buffington)-

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