Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Email, Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday night till Tuesday it snowed, and snowed, and snowed some more, most were expecting that it would never stop snowing, we got a whopping 7 inches and the city practically shut down
Wednesday, shoveling day and we were going to a appointment when the call came, elder cottle and i both are training new missionaries, and elder cottle will be leaving the area for his second area, so i will have my tenth companion, and i am pretty nervous but i know it will all work out! Thursday came around and we traveled to Rego Park for the trainer meeting.  I learned alot and am getting excited but still nervous, lets hope everything runs smoothly, which never happens, then the longest three days ever, we spent trying to see the families, saturday night it was confirmed that im staying here,  this is a training district, sister nation from our district is training too, so alot is going down, and i love yall! It has been a great week and i now feel at peace with what will happen, have a beautiful p-Day!

Thats all for the week,
Your hipster,
-Elder Bufí (Buffington)- 

Pic 1) a AMAZING lunch for $3.00 that you cant beat#$1slice

Pic 2) a quick stop in Paris, aka Army Plaza

Pic 3) no im not in a bathroom but a subway, so i have heard that there is art all around NYC like this but this is kinda... Creepy? Its back in this weird cubbyhole but what ever floats their boat, right?

Pic 4) at a train transfer waiting for a q train at coney island, and a amusement park.

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