Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Email, Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello from the Frozen Apple
Yeahhhh its a little chilly up here, but we are keeping warm, it is
definitely more cold this year than last year #BlameItOnGlobalWarming
but its a adventure, i have experienced everything from the 113°
tundra of Arizona, to the blistering -5 (plus wind chill so like -20)
of New York.
So this week we had a couple sweet finding street sweeps, the first
was a photo booth that we will post on Facebook, which we have
pictures of :) and the second was to something epic! The NBA all star
game was in our area! Soo we went to the game and had games and
challenges for people to do to get the church out of obscurity and
talk about the gospel super fun!
But besides that there isnt anything super new, i have a EPIC companion,

Yup that is all i believe
Stay warm, and happy (late) valentines!
-Elder BufĂ­ (Buffington)-

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