Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Email, Monday, February 9, 2015

What does a lazy fish do? Nothing! Haha... Ha... Ha.  Okay that wasnt
good, but its funnier in spanish...
Well transfers came and gone and my trainee is super cool! His name is
Elder Parker Roland, from Mesa AZ, he has super good spanish for just
getting out of the MTC, he is a black belt in american KinPo
(something to that effect) so he is gonna teach me a little, so yay!
Hahah we had a hard first day, but the week went amazing! We are
seeing miracles! And the lord guiding us, and helping us.  Im learning
so much, and i know that i need this, so i am ready for it! Im working
harder than before, and i am dead by 9 oclock and most nights we are
out of the pad till 9:15 with a lesson, everyone wants to have a
lesson after 6 and we fill those days by Sunday after church, super
nice, especially when they normally feed you at those appointments ;)
have i told yall how amazing spanish food is?! Its better home made,
even when comparing taquillas, (i want to go back and chat with the
homies in spanish)

We have been bold, and loving, declaring repentance to the people of
NY (sometimes it is a quite litteral declaration of  repentance) and
we see hearts begin to change,
 “We as a people have one supreme thing to do, and that is to call
upon the world to repent of sin, to come to God. And it is our duty
above all others to go forth and proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ, the restoration again to the earth of the plan of life and
-President Heber J. grant
None of us are perfect, but we can surly try to do our best,
Trying your hardest is the essence of faith, acting as though you have
a perfect knowledge, when you dont, and it might not be perfect, but
that isnt what god wants, i have been rejected, and i have also messed
up, but i know that the effort that i am putting in to this will not
be waisted. All i am doing is planting seeds.  I am me still, just,
well... Converted, i have changed, im a new person, i can firmly
testify that a few parts of my Patriarchal Blessing has come true, i
know that though they might not come to us exactly the way we thought,
but i do know and stand as a witness that they do come, so dont fret
if one word isnt right in your eyes, its not your will, but the will
of the father =D

Love yall much!

Picture one: on the way back from transfer meeting
(Back two from left to right elder Jensen and Elder poole (ZLs),
middle row, sister Cristensen (new to the Zone) sister Nation, sister
Urizar (from guatamala and trainee of sister nation, they are in my
district) then the amazing elder Roland, then front row is sister
Pulotu (yeah she is a Poly! They are awesome!) and me!

-Elder Bufí (Buffington)-

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