Monday, September 15, 2014

Email, Monday, September 15, 2014

And thus ends the twentieth year of the rein of Elder Buffington jajaja

So this week was good, unfortunately i am now unable to use the teen
computers at the library anymore :/ but hey, next year i will be
home.. Thats weird..
This week Santiago was confirmed! Yaayyyyyyy! And we did our first
planned service in a long while! We helped our investigator olga open
her shop! It was fun and we had empanadas for breakfast! The poster we
made was gonna be for 9-11 street sweep, aka finding activity, but it
was canceled cause it was overcast aallll day.. And the zone leaders
thought it was gonna rain, but anywho,
As always, my spanish is slowly improving, the area is pretty great! I
personally cant complain, i love the people i teach, i dont want to
leave, and i keep finding reasons to be here.
This week climaxed at the home of a member, we were asked to a members
home cause her computer was acting funny, so we go and we turn the
computer on and it worked perfectly fine, so she feeds us anyways and
talks to us, and then starts to break down crying telling us she is
planning on going to the bishop to find a ride for her son so she
could 'take a break' from church, she also told us that she was
contemplating over dousing, all because of stress that she has been
having and she wanted those feelings to go away, during her crying and
telling this to us i am begging (in my heart) for her not to do this,
and praying about what to do, and all i could think of is one line
ringing through my head, "i love you" i knew it was what i felt during
times in my life that i had hardships where heavenly father would
whisper to me those sweet words... So i bore, probably the most
powerful testimony i have ever shared, about how much our heavenly
father loves us all especially her, and that she isnt alone, as much
as she thinks it, jesus christ has felt what she is going through, and
then i felt a strong prompting to tell her about blessings, and that
she could have one if she truly wanted one, after a pause she asked,
(i felt her humbling herself to ask that question, which i have never
felt something like that before that moment when she used her faith to
humble herself) and so we had to wait for her brother to finish in the
bathroom so we wouldn't be interrupted, she just stood there and
smiled at us, and told us that she could see the auras around us, and
kept thanking us, after her brother came out of the bathroom, we
blessed her, after i told her that her computer malfunctioning was no
coincidence (i think if the adversary has a catch phrase, it would be,
"it was just coincidence") that heavenly father wanted us to be here
at this time to talk to her.  She then told us that she was going to
call a guy to fix it, but she felt to call us instead, (yay for
nerdyness and being computer savvy)
That is the highlights of this passed week (not week passed)
I love y'all!
I know that i am supposed to be in this area! And i know our Heavenly
Father works in... Peculiar ways and it would be remiss of me to not
share these stories of my mission to y'all, maybe it will help someone
that follows the blog.. Who knows, i think about y'all often, be safe
and remember we have, contrary to other religions, guardian angleS!
Yes more than one, i testify of that!

Your son, brother, and forever friend
Elder Daniel Buffington

Ps pictures includes pics from the Brooklyn Bridge and Ecuadorian food ::)))))))

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